You know how we have that one bobble?

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Character/Items/Clothes
  • Economic Structure

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

Uh, you know how we got that one bobble for car sale deals. And it’ll be goin away…Well I noticed one of our homies doesn’t have one. And we’ve got a few mech life ones already about. So maybe you know name swap that oldie to the current hero. Which hero am I talking about? The unsung one of course. Hakkon. Just noticed his name wasn’t on the list. Jericho would be give that one disappointed face he’d give if he’d knew.

Parting Thoughts:
Just was browsing the list. Noticed Hakkon didn’t have a bobble. But Thorgrim does…Pft. But we have a set of mech ones already, and it could save and renew the possibility of a current bobble. Giving it new life. I don’t remember how much it did, but maybe fix it up so it won’t actually hurt their commission.

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