XP doing for doing skill and non-job related tasks?

Again super hyped about 1.1 and thank you for all the hard work! I love it so far! Just trying to point out a few things to try to help <3

Due to the new abilities like hunting, gardening, et. I was wondering if it would be possible to gain experience while we do those tasks instead of having to only do job related things?

Such as:
XP varies depending on what it is, the idea is small amounts if its something you can do for hours on end, you still get some experience instead of having to do a ‘work’ job. Maybe 1 - 10 xp each time, possibly a bit more if higher level? Similar to how creating items work, except that you are using that skill.

Go hunting and shoot/process an animal
Grow/Find an herb/garden (no idea how this works yet)
Cook a piece of meat
Mine a node
Turn ore into ingot (I did this pre 1.1 and got no experience in mining for it)
Fish and catch a fish
Fix a car with a repair kit (you, not the automated one)
Patch someone up (Medical)

The xp all goes into helping you level, where it then goes to the neutral skill pool.

This way, it helps people get experience while doing these skills. I actually thought this was how it was going to work which appears wrong, which is totally my misunderstanding.

My concern is I don’t want to see people grinding specific jobs like Delivery and Taxi to get xp and avoid doing these other amazing skills you spent all this time putting into the game for us. I think it would be fun and worth it to be able to use these skills to hunt/fish/cook and while not get paid, get a little xp for each.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion! <3


Considering you are spending experience(bp) to even get some of these skills it would make it easier for players to get into some of these hobbies and give up the points.


exactly :slight_smile: It could be similar to the points of crafting. except in this example you are creating or using a skill, so using that skill you learn more about it, thus xp. Those add up while allowing people to do these skills instead of relying on just the job ones (if they don’t want to work constantly), so players can further rp with the skills stuff without feeling like they have to stop and grind jobs to level to get skill points (because honestly right now that is what I feel like I need to do, and its taking forever. Which makes sense you EARN skills et.) It helps so either way they get some points and further rp for either direction players want to go into. Also the skills you wouldn’t be paid for. You get paid for final products such as selling objects or jobs.

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Again, I fully understand the concept of earning everything, and am just pointing this out, I’m not trying to complain. I just did a run and came down with these numbers. Don’t have the time to focus on taxi right now as work in a bit.I also understand this is all in progress, has changes and will change due to skill level in the ability et. I’m not trying to be negative, just noticed this and am pointing it out to help sort of bump the above as allowing xp gain for doing various tasks relating to skills.

Package delivery

  • 30 min total
  • 15 min waiting period
  • Level- Delivery Driving – Apprentice
  • 1 hour boost
  • Mama Dark Bobble
  • 9 packages
  • 86.53% to level 6

Turn in –

  • 35 min total with loading boxes (not counting in between jobs time)
  • 182 experience total
    (I think atm as trying to level, tithing 10 or 20%)
  • 19 experience to org
  • 163 experience to me
  • Total = 88.71% to level 6

To level = 100.00 = 10,000 points
At 150 experience each round towards me as a rough estimate.
To fully level from 0 – 100 (if my math is right), would estimate

  • Postal trips- 67
  • Time to do (estimating 30 min + 15 wait = 45 min each) = 3015 minutes
  • In game time to level once from 5 – 6 = 50.25 hours
  • That’s 50+ hours of delivery non-stop (with the current not updated system) to level once doing postal.

As someone who tried out Delivery yesterday, I think it’s fine at the moment? Especially because they’re so busy with more important changes and bugs right now. It gives you a lot more experience compared to Taxi, but then Taxi gives you more money than experience. Again, I’m content with it, but that’s just my opinion. Also, in regards to your other posts about issues with Garages and the Mech Org, you should probably post them in the big bug post on the forums. I don’t think they’ll have time to sift through every seperate post, better to have them in all one place.


I don’t expect it to be a sudden fix at all, I know way more important things take priority as they should. Plus the developers have worked so hard and need a serious vacation. <3 As I’ve said, its just something I noticed and wanted to point out. I do enjoy it gives you a much better boost than the taxi. Not trying to complain, just trying to point out things for the at some point future.

I could probably do that with the other posts, I just made new topics as I was asked to when I asked about it in chat.

I agree with this. But since the xp does scale and would be outrageous for people with higher levels I would be fine if there was no sliding system with it. So the XP amount remains constant throughout any level you are

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