Weed Grow Broken

Date of Bug: 8-1-2020
Estimated Time of Bug: 3:05 pm
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y
Explain the Bug: I put down 50k as Mabel to buy a weed grow. It said the whole thing about 5k every midnight at Friday. An hour later, I had to reconnect due to the local bug in cars. I come back to the grow to add water. And now it is wanting me to put 50k down again and I cannot access the normie I just planted.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: Rent the weed grow, and it seems if you go to sleep, the grow forgets you had ownership of it.

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Just to add to this, I don’t know if the patch to fix this was meant to show previously bought weed grows, or if you had to pay for it again after the patch, because it still shows needing to buy it for me and I bought it before the patch.

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Resolved previously.