Versecore Build 2913 Release

Good news everyone!

This patch will deploy on 7/10/2019 mid-day.

Versecore Build 2913 for Genesis has the following notes:

New Item Types

  • Collectible
  • Illegal Goods


  • Organization shops have been removed for now.
  • University and CrimHub now teach respective civilian and criminal skills.
  • Shops are now capable of purchasing items from you. Different shops buy different things, different shops pay out in different ways. (Items, Cash, Dirty Money)


  • Heists have been rewritten and severed from the mission system.
  • You can now walk up to Heists and do them by pressing E, similar to their original implementation.
  • Heists are populated from a randomized set of possible heists which are refreshed every so often.
  • Heists now reward you with stolen goods, which you can turn in at the new CrimHub shop.
  • Robbery and Heists skills decrease your chance of alerting the police, increase the amount of illegal goods you can get from the heist, and reduce the amount of time the heist takes.


  • Upgraded from gcphone to gcphone3, adding Twitter support, a new UI and Layout, and various quality of life features.

New Features

  • Genesis now utilizes the Oblivion Entertainment account system, which means your account is directly linked to your Forum, Cyndara, Parabellum and Vortex accounts.
  • Persona creation, deletion and selection all now can be done at login.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug in the car dealer system causing tier 6 cars not to appear in the back end purchasing UI.
  • Fixed a bug in inventories that could potentially result in losing your entire inventory.
  • Fixed a series of redundant calls throughout the crime scripts where we were retrieving the core functions of Versecore in every file, rather than once. (This will improve overall server performance)


  • Improved item tooltip UI in the inventory.
  • Removed the Discord whitelisting as it was unreliable.
  • Added hooks to the Discord rich presence setter so we can show when you’re cruising around, racing, doing heists, etc. This will continue to improve over time.
  • Added framework for return of Call Around system for drugs. (Soon™)

Up Next

  • Call Around return.
  • Chop Tier 1 removal from Mission system.
  • Chop Tier 2 restoration.
  • Organization rework.
  • Businesses