Vanilla Unicorn

Looking to hire dancers (M/F), bouncers, DJ, and Bartenders.

If you’re interested in a job, please look into the job descriptions below. You can schedule an appointment by texting BAD-WULF please leave your name and which job you are applying for.

Dancers(Male/Female) Still in need
New/Old/Non experienced/Experienced welcomed, once an appointment is set up. We can go from there to see where you stand.

Bouncer(Could use 1 or 2 more)

We are searching for Bouncers/security/doorman to regulate patrons’ access to our bustling establishment. The Bouncer will be required to review prospective clients’ identification documents, deduce their legal capacity, intoxication level, and direct suitable visitors to our offerings. You should also preserve orderliness within the crowd.

To ensure success as a Bouncer, you must promote patrons’ safety while remaining unobtrusive. Ultimately, a fantastic Bouncer will conserve the reputability of our space.

Bouncer Responsibilities:

• Inspecting clients’ identification to discern their legal capacity.

• Reviewing mental fitness and gauge intoxication levels of prospective clients’ eligibility.

• Steering clients to accessible amenities.

• Maintaining orderliness and etiquette in all applicable vicinities.

• Escorting rowdy clients off of our premises.

• Reporting pressing security-related matters to local authorities and your line Manager.

• Assist in clean up as needed.

Bartender(Could use 2 more)

• Provide excellent customer service by taking orders, preparing them efficiently, and building a rapport with clientele

• Keep an eye on patron intoxication levels and respond appropriately

• Identify belligerent customers, and work with management/bouncer when needed to maintain a safe environment

• Clean the bar and the surrounding area of spills and other messes as needed

• Other duties as requested

• Upholding our cleanliness and safety standards (We take this seriously!)

• Welcoming and engaging with all Guests, all while being an ambassador of FUN!

• Recommending menu items and ensuring order accuracy

• Showcasing your extensive beer, wine and cocktail knowledge

• Delivering food and drinks in a timely manner and anticipating Guest’s needs

• Creating memorable experiences by providing exceptional service (You rock at creating a good time!)


• Greet guests and serve as masters of ceremonies

• Preview any music intended to be broadcast throughout the night.

• Learn to pronounce the names of Entertainers and maintain list of same

• Study the layout of the venue including stages/rooms etc in order to be able to give accurate rotation.

• Inform patrons of coming events at a specific venue.

• Meet with housemoms and managers to plan schedules and entertainment styles

• Read prepared scripts describing acts or tricks presented during performances.

• Improvise commentary on items of interest, such as background of entertainers and/or awards and titles won.

• Provide running commentaries of event activities, such as play-by-play descriptions, or explanations of goings on during the evening.

• Instruct and calm crowds during emergencies.

• Furnish information to managers and floor hosts concerning room observations of entertainers or guests throughout the night

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This is the sneak peak into our future as a company. Incase there is any doubts in what has been prepared. Some of them will be weekly, (bi)monthly, switched around and such. Dates and times are TBD still and aren’t reflecting on these flyers.


FNFAP flyer

Plus many more! Believe in the me, that believes in you that we’ll all Myth Behave together!