Valet should be fired

Date of Bug: 8/3
Estimated Time of Bug: 3:15 AM
Can you reproduce the Bug: Maybe
Explain the Bug: Went to grab my car from the garage in Morningwood. It ended up 2-3 blocks away. In the middle of the road. I pulled out 2 other cars before this without an issue. It’s just the Voodoo.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: I haven’t retried, I seen the Liberator appear on the second floor of red garage. So I figured maybe it’s the model of the vehicle that may have made it think it couldn’t drive out safely from the garage and moved it to this spot.

It’s just the garage valet person at this time…They left my blazer in the same spot.

This seems to be somehow related to occlusion and collision at that spot. We will investigate it further to try to adjust the positioning.