Unknown Script error Clocking in

Date of Bug: 9/28/21
Estimated Time of Bug: 2pm est
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y
Explain the Bug: upon clocking in after connecting to the server this appears in my F8 unsure what the script is but it’s throwing errors

According to Vespura several people experience it.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: it only appears on First Clock on after joining the server.

Please scroll through F8 and include screenshots of any errors you can find that may be related to the issue at hand and attach the photos here:

after some Equip and see with @DCPlaya we discovered it is caused by Beast rune for some odd reason perhaps the regen.

Also happens on marc with a +1 regen rune

UPDATE: i did some more experimenting, it was not the forementioned beast rune causing the issues but Personal Shield Gen and Milks mark of war. i have removed them both from my equippment and i’m getting no errors now.

Consider this solved. last patch seems to have fixed the issue.