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  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

I been thinking on how badly i’d like to do some testing for the hacking heist. Hint hint. I just thought about how it might be hack, get another screen, hack, and again hack. Done. But what if you had a chain reaction to these heist? Say someone wanted to do the jewelry or big boi vault. They could, but they would have some hurdles. But Within a half hour of them attending one of those. I hit a certain hacking heist, succeed. While 10 mins later someone else goes and hacks another hacking heist. This triggers some of the cameras or something within one of those places. It’ll only last for the time till they reset. It could be either a must to hit either of those or an additional procedure to ease the job. It’d be cool if other hacking heist did some similar or even regular heist. They unlocked other harder heists to do for certain amount of time. Let’s say they’re level capped or something. So the lower year people can do certain places, and it opens up something for the higher people to do.

Parting Thoughts:
Just figured it’d be interesting to see a job have some chain reactions of sort. Where people would need to work together in some situations or create extra layers to the heists.

I just wanted to add. For some reason i’ve been focus noticing the phone booths. XD And I want to have some involvement with them towards hacking. Like Hackers, maybe those be some of the lower lvl ones till you can handle bigger ones. That or make it more of a challenge ordeal, since it seems like it could be harder to pull off. But i’ve just been noticing a lot of pay phones and booths. Been thinking it’d be sweet to use them towards hacking.