Two Business Ideas

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  • Job

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

Marina owners, and Boat salesmen/Fishermen. If instead of renting/leasing a very small number of watercraft from the few ports available. What if those marina’s could be purchased and players could then sell and store (For a rental fee every week/month etc, where the renting player needed to pay his dock storage costs before taking the boat out, just to maintain a steady income flow for the property) boats out of that location. Allow players to be able to purchase a better variety of watercraft.

To counteract the storage costs, possibly we allow houses that have water access to have a garage storage dedicated to watercraft. Therefor if you want to shell out the 80-200k or whatever it is to buy a house out in Chumash or rent one of the apartments down in Vespucci with direct canal access. You could transfer your boat out to there instead of keeping it rented at the Marina.

Allow a fishing businesses to have a store as well. Allow them to have different types of Fish, Fishing rods, and salvage junk available for purchase at whatever price they decide to set so players who do fish
and salvage could also sell to them. Maybe the business comes with a boat already purchased and you can take it out free of charge to scrounge up as much fish as possible.

Parting Thoughts:
I feel these three businesses could become popular once cooking/undersea salvage becomes available due to the amount of fish needed for cooking, on top of scuba will become more in demand as well. Plus for basic RP reasons it would be great to be able to have large boat parties with some of the bigger watercraft purchasable. And the rental fee would just be a good way to maintain a sustainable income base for the property. Because a lot of players would buy a single boat and never again that being the case. The stores could also have the ability to sell whatever they’d like. So that a blackmarket operation could happen down on the coast somewhere. And a person such as a drugdealer could “conduct business” with other players down on the docks and be selling some less legal items in the mix of their perfectly legal business.

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