This guy never played crazy taxi before

Date of Bug: 9/21/2020
Estimated Time of Bug: 3pmish
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y/N
Explain the Bug: So I’ve crashed a bazillion times and even flipped just as much. I’ve never had my fair exit though. They exited, and then stood there. I waited to see if they’d get in or not. But they just did the typial local stare. The taxi call was still fine, but I began driving and finally got the message they died. I checked the f8 log, and it has the attempt of them getting back in. They didn’t budge that entire time though. This might just be a fivem barrier though. But I go back for another taxi, cause at death you lose yours. And I get 1, but then it repos and says my fair died.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: I missed the turn, and braking caused me to two wheel and ended up flipping. After flipping back, they exited. I’ve crashed horribly before and never had this happen.