The Rebirth (Zalgo Reaper)

“I have something for you…” said the man ominously before slamming his hand too my chest. I remember a sharp pain, then nothing.

My day had started out normal as usual, I rode my bike around the city, stopped up to Paleto too clean up the shop. The usual routine, I try not too complicate things more than they’ve already been. My week had been crazy enough as it is, and this day was probably the first little slice of normal I had experienced in a long time. That was definitely going too take an unexpected turn for sure, and quickly for that matter.

A friend of mine had sent me an e-mail, letting me know he was going to be touring the city, and possibly getting a room for rent while he tried to get work and stabilize his life a bit more. From what I remember, another friend, and myself went too pick him up and show him around town. I’ve taken a liking too this city, and its mysteries. Though, I know they will always lead too more mystery. We took him too the hot spots of the city, took him up too see the sights, even had a workout at the beach. Again, a normal day that just didn’t seem right at all too me.

After a while, my aforementioned e-mail pal, wanted to get a haircut. So, we decided to head down too the local barber in the South Side, over near Moseley’s. He was wanting too get a car, so that Barber was an ideal spot for sure. We get there, and I decide too have a smoke outside and chat with the other aforementioned friend. Needless too say, things got really really weird after a few minutes. As I look down to stomp out the last of my cigarette, my eyes raise too see a man in a mask, looking at me as if he had been searching all day.

“Is your name Zalgo Reaper?”, the man said with an ominous tone, “I have something for you…” was what he followed up with. I looked at him with a slightly raised brow, as he approached me wielding what looked like a crimson orb, almost completely transluscent, and what I could make out too be a few, red, crystals floating around inside of it. Before I could reach out and accept this…item…He placed it against my chest as if it were a mirage, then that sharp pain, and black.

When I finally opened my eyes, I gasped for air with great difficulty, trying to get my bearings on why I couldn’t breathe. Though, I wasn’t passing out, nor feeling like my lungs were in trouble. What was going on was confusing, but the only thing I could feel after that was an intense, almost-no, definitively an animalistic hunger. I could smell blood, and hear heartbeats as clear as if my head was inside their chest. The two before me were almost my first targets, yet somehow were able too receed my grasp, luckily for them. I don’t remember much after that moment, other than what I was told. I attempted to feed off an officer, and was apparently attacked multiple times during my frenzy. Once I came too, and finally got some recollection of the matter, I remember being at Mission Row, locked in a cell, handcuffs and all. Officer’s scrambling to get me a blood bag too get me under control and figure out what had happened, which I couldn’t remember at the time. They informed me of what I had become, as crazy as it sounded it was believable in a world like this, and it wasn’t the craziest thing I had heard…(To be continued…)