The Lost Priestess

Adrasteia sighed while she logged into the high-security computer. Glancing it over she noted that it didn’t connect to any networks, smart. Putting in Charlie’s Jolteon USB drive, she waited for the data to open.

Leaning back in the chair she looked around the room of the bunker, fully furnished, the whole thing nearly the size of the house itself, deep under his home.

She was currently borrowing it, not trusting to do the work anywhere else. It was soundproof and didn’t show up on scanners from above. Filled with multiple vault doors, its own water storage, and generators, it seemed more like a massive saferoom or mini-government bunker. Then again, it didn’t surprise her the slightest bit that he had made it.

Her other uncles must have helped, that would have been the only way this was made undetected. It was broken into multiple areas, a common room, a few small bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, medical area, weapons rooms, storage, even a tiny gun range, and a small laboratory, which she was currently inhabiting.

Domarr, wasn’t here, as much as she had wanted him to be. She told him she needed to be alone, and he’d listened, hesitantly. Getting up, she walked over and checked the storage filled with the various samples she’d brought with her. Satisfied, she went back to check the laptop and its encryption process.

Groaning slightly, she locked the computer and got up. Going down the hallway, through a few more rooms and vault doors, she found the three-lane shooting range.

After putting on safety equipment she pulled her handgun from her hip holster. Taking aim, she shot at the hanging target. The noise was loud as expected, but with how the bunker was built, it wouldn’t have been heard beyond the room. She tried to relax, and aimed again, pulling the trigger, and hitting the target.


Everything was different…the past three months, she had been dead. Violently killed by Aluc’s brainwashed shadow-form. She’d taken a chance, both to get someone who had stumbled across them by accident out of there unharmed, and try to get help. Was it stupid? Yes. Yet it was the only chance they had, and she took it. Just as much to save Paul and Reaper than herself, and had paid for it with her life.

Oddly to her, it was also Aluc who had called to her in…the afterlife? and offered for her to fight at his side to continue to save Oblivion.

She allowed the shots to help her concentrate, trying to make sense of everything.

Honestly, she’d been afraid at first. Aluc didn’t have the best track record with the people of Genesis. She didn’t know that much about him, he was the deity of darkness. Grant had been his champion after Nathan, then while fighting Niko, Aluc had offered to kill Grant for Danny. That had left her very unsettled, how could someone so easily just dismiss the person who had once been their champion?

But then he had also helped them, blessing Father and herself with greater vampiric abilities, enabling them to ignore the controlling effects of the beast rune. So they could protect Danny if Joker was used by Nico. She’d been very thankful for that.

Lyla, her friend, and mentor, trusted Aluc. Even chasing around his shadow-persona whose name she could never remember. That trust, in both Lyla, and her experience, had been what made her feel somewhat secure. She knew his passion to protect his home, she felt it, he’d shown her his memories earlier. She understood that importance, yet what was important to her was on Genesis, and there had been a lot of confusion as to his willingness to truly care about the lesser mortals on it. It wasn’t until he gave her his word, that they would also protect Genesis and the people on it to the best of their ability, she felt comfortable enough to accept his offer.

A vision had permeated her consciousness, one that didn’t make sense. Eris, with an undead army, millions strong, razing worlds. The dying raising just as quickly to join the terrifying hoard.

She’d woken up in confusion on the ground, being told to stand up. She’d scrambled up, looking at Aluc, not conscious of what was going on around her. Viola was yelling about something, Chris was sighing, and it wasn’t until a few seconds later when Lyla was wrapping her in a blanket that she realized she didn’t have clothing.


She’d been hopeful of her potential relationship with Aluc. Except for being a vampire, she was literally the opposite of what darkness was usually considered. He knew that. If he knew that, why would have chosen her if he wasn’t okay with who she was? She’d hoped somehow maybe that had been intentional. Perhaps she could help him understand things, learn, she didn’t know…she’d just hoped for the best. Was she a predator, could she fight? Yes, without hesitation if given good reason. Yet she’d been raised to always try to think before acting. She’d been raised with morals, it seemed she was expected to throw them out the window without second thought.

Now she wasn’t so sure. She felt like her world was crashing down around her, and she felt helpless within it. She saw darkness and light as balances of each other, he saw them as enemies. He’d called the person who she considered her son, her enemy. She couldn’t accept that. She was confused and somewhat horrified at the concept that he refused to even consider allowing Danny the option to help them. If Danny knew what was happening, she had no doubt he wouldn’t hesitate to aid them. Yet she couldn’t even say anything. The hostility and tossing aside of the matter seemed so, unnecessary. Why couldn’t they work together?


She’d been shoved into a position she had no idea how to handle, and it was ripping her apart.

She’d stared at the man whom she’d worked all week with, Keegan, who had been protecting her, standing with guns surrounding him. Unable to do anything, bloody tears streaming down her face, practically begging the others not to kill him.

Jay seemed the only one truly sympathetic to her pain. He was the other one being logical about all of this, and she was thankful for that kindness. Jojo was also trying to help her, using the more tough-love-manner that was his style when needed. Considering he was adopted-dad after nearly being her father-in-law, she appreciated it.

Everything hurt and was confusing. Eris, her friend, whom she’d helped when she had first arrived to the city, who had fought along side them… nothing made sense…visions were warnings… warnings of things that could happen. That’s how she saw the vision she had…a possibility. More information had been being dumped on her though, each more disturbing than the last. The most recent was Jojo’s ‘chat’ with Eris, the yellow king, and barely escaping with his life due to another’s intervention.

She’d tentatively followed Lacy, knowing who was likely waiting to speak with her, hoping something could be done. Jojo had been the one to yell at her to get away, and to stay with the others. Eris was trying to talk to her through texts, and she’d responded how she could, but she could only do so much. She felt so torn, she didn’t know what to do, or how to handle this….and she hated it with every fiber of her being. She’d gotten so upset she’d flat out turned her phone off and cried after they had left.


“You’re the weakest out of all of us. YOU. WILL. BE. THEIR. TARGET.”

The words echoed through her head along with the gunshots, feeling like a slap to the face, bloody tears blurring her vision as they fell down her face. Lowering the weapon she ejected the empty clip, replacing it with a full one, and replacing it to her hip.

She wasn’t weak, she was a predator, with strength and reflexes unmatched by humans. Only she chose to not be a monster, or to allow the world around her to make her cruel. One of her uncle’s biggest lessons was to never allow anger to control your actions, it only gave your enemy the ability to control you.

If given solid reason she would fight without hesitation, as she had done to protect them all before. She already was, yet this was different, this was tearing everyone she cared about apart. There were other ways to do things, to go about some of this, better ways. There had to be.

She was a different kind of darkness. Just as deep and entwined within it, but who aligned with the light. The consequences if she did not please her deity was more complex than simple disfavor, it outright meant permanent death. If he wanted her to simply do what she was told, why did he choose her to be his priestess, knowing she questioned nearly everything and demanded reasons?


‘He knows who you are, he wouldn’t have gone through the effort of finding you, offering, and bringing you back, if he didn’t think you were not capable, or worthy of it’, she told herself. While logical, the words felt like a hollow lie.

Sighing again, she made her way back to the lab. Unlocking the computer, the files were finally decrypted and ready to read.

Beginning to read the documents, she hoped to find the information she needed.

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