The Frost Queen Herself

After a short time in Cyndara Frost had himself a nice collection of tamed dino’s, or well should i say she had them, it would appear that there had been some mishap during transport through the portal, when he first landed in cyndara he found himself to be a female, a full dna reconstruction changing his sex, his body his voice his har all changed, but she was still the same person from los santo’s.

After being in these strange lands for a short amount of time she had made several friends some people that she knew from los santos and some new faces, Harper, corren, vic, ben, and her tribe mates, Leo, gregg and JP they had done well for being new to these lands, but she felt as if something was missing.

one dark night she decided to explore a place called Life’s Labyrinth with Corren, Vic and Ben aswel as patrick and someone known as the sacrifice. after several puzzles getting through the maze they found them self in a self enclosed eco system underground populated by several animals including some spiritual animals. after killing them they unlocked the secret artifacts and ventured out and made their way back to the main land to their homes.

when she arrived back at home she had some home made whisky she had brewed earlier that day and started to think about the fact that she may never go back to heaven, and with everything she has ever been through and every war that she has ever been through.

she placed the glass down and walked over to the stables where the wolf pack awated her, lead by the alpha wolf known as Juan which was purchased from Corren’s litter, she jumped onto his back and rode him to the arena, she stopped right next to corren’s temple and got off juan she walked to the door and noticed that it was unlocked, she looked around and there was no one around, she slowly pushed the door open and said “hello anyone in here” there was no response she walked up towards the altar and fell to her knees.

“Corren you have done alot for me as the deity of war, you have kept me safe through the wars i have been apart of after everyone else forsaked me and left me to fend for myself, you have been there when i needed a lift up to keep on fighting” She picked up a knife left on the altar and places the blade in her hand, she takes a moment to think before pulling the knife back and slicing her hand with the sharp blade letting the blood drip onto the altar where there was already some blood that seemed to have dried out. “I Pledge to be your follower, and be there whenever you need me”.


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After leaving the Temple of War, Frost found herslef alone for a short period of time while she set up a new home for herself and the wolve’s she left with, eventually she made a large home with the help of her new tribe mates, Dazza and Shazza, Leo eventually left the temple aswel and came to join her, a week had gone by and she was visited by ben, he was also planning on leaving the temple and he ended up joining with frost aswel.

the bread a small army of rexes for glorious battle against the guardians of the island.

the day had come where they would take on the brood mother, and they were sucessful at it, they had beaten the brood mother one step for a bright future for NightWatch.

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