The Fight for their Existence

The last time Lyla had seen Aluc was when he did the wedding of Chris and her in Oblivion. It was a special time, even though the 3 of them knew that Aluc did something as he bound them together. He was hesitant of her marrying a mortal, it was understandable, yet Chris was much more than that to her. He is her best friend, her partner, her love of her life, her champion. Lyla hoped that he saw that, and saw potential in him as much as she did.

And here she was, kneeling down in the middle of the car park at Hookies, looking down at Kain who was grievously injured as he whispered in her ear … ‘’Betrayal… From… Within… Father captured… The others… scattered… It was… B…B…" - he fell silent as his body was giving up. She rushed to stabilize him, noticing that his body was not accepting Viola’s energy nor hers, his powers seemed to have disappeared. Lyla was scared that he wouldn’t make it, but she did her best and had him transported to the hospital so she could work more effectively.
Lyla got in her car and raced as fast as she could down the highway, weaving through traffic, her head spinning, her heart pounding, her hands gripped the steering wheel as they heated up with the anger she felt, it began to melt. She let go and let out a scream then ‘’Son of a BITCH! BEK!’’ she caught her breath then slammed her fists onto the steering wheel, regaining focus she continued to the hospital.
People stood in the hallway watching and panicking as they looked through the glass to where Kain lay. Lyla ran in the room, continuing her work on him, giving him fluids, monitoring his vitals, taking X-rays of his body to help figure out the injuries. Adra was there, Lyla asked for her help as the injuries came to light, this was going to need the both of them to keep him alive. They both got to work, time stood still for a moment then she saw that man standing on the other side of the glass, the one she remembered who did something to her months ago, she tried to remember his name but gave up as she noticed a tablet drop to the floor. Asking Chris to pick it up for her, she continued her work. ‘’The Iris has been fired.’’ she heard the man say. Lyla looked up, shocked, she couldn’t dwell on it, she had to save Kain. Turning her attention back to him and taking a deep breath, she began making a small incision into Kain’s side, pushing a tube into his chest cavity to inflate his lung, making it secure. Chris and Viola were looking at the tablet, talking about what they were both reading on the screen. Words faded in and out for Lyla as she began to work on the broken rib that was embedded into Kains lung. ‘’ Kincaid, Claimed to be the Deity of Light … tried to take over Aluc… betrayal from within … Claimed to have killed Gnarlee … purged Deity of War from his crystal’’ - Her head spun, her anger rising, she had to focus on saving Kain, drowning out what was being said around her. Lyla turned her attention to removing the broken ribs that were embedded into his lung, injecting local anesthetic then making another incision to reach his chest cavity, asking Adra for more help once she had finished working on relieving the pressure in Kains’ head. They both worked on the lung as effectively as they could.
A popping sound knocked her focus, looking up at the commotion, ducking down out of view as the others scrambled to secure the area. As Lyla stood up to continue, she heard more shots, looking up and noticing Mabel with a gun aiming at herself and Kain, then a jolt of pain, looking down at the bullet hole in her arm, before she could react to protect the 3 of them in the room by putting an ice barrier blocking the windows and door, Mabel was put down but she had hit Kain.
Lyla growled at the familiar laughing as madness surrounded people at the hospital, then another jolt of pain as more bullets hit her as Kilroy shot her. She lost it, telling them that Bek is up to his old tricks and she would put everyone down herself if they continued to listen to him.

Realising that the blood she had given was not working for Kain, she asks those around her about trying him with her own blood, they agreed and she took some of her own blood, injecting it into him, Kains body began to slowly mend, the TEK forming under his skin, glowly slightly, yet it wasn’t enough, Chris stood next to her and offered some of his so she could keep her strength, which she did, injecting him once more, she watches as over time his body did heal greatly. He was still unconscious but Lyla was confident he would be okay.
Another breach was happening, they all left for the location, Kain protected by the hospital security and doctors. Racing up to Sandy, they witnessed a breach/portal, inside she could see Kain hooked up to machines, his powers being drained from him, possibly Odessa absorbing them. Lyla was shook up, trying to figure out what went wrong. Her phone pinged, news reports came through of this Kincaid now being the President of the US and the Deity of War, and Patrick being the city governor, everyone in the city answered to him. This was too suspect to Lyla, she had an idea who Kincaid was, but she couldn’t prove it. YET. Seeing the rest of the report, that Kincaid would address the public, the next day would help her figure it out, she hoped.
Lyla headed for the hospital to see Kain, discussion arose of keeping Kain safe. Chris, Vi and herself, got Kain into the truck and drove him to safety, activating the security inside and the surrounding area. They all settled down and kept watch for the rest of the night.

The following day, the public address was announced. Lyla dropped Chris off close by then made her way there. Kincaid acknowledged her like they were buddies, and asked her to step up next to him. She wasn’t comfortable at all. Listening to him speak to the people who had arrived, she noticed familiar things. Her suspicions grew more and more and over the course of the day and night, solidified.
Leaving the City Hall, Lyla felt she was being watched, she drove away, Chris in the passenger seat, the feeling not going away, Chris told her to go to Maze Arena, she did, arriving she ran inside and downstairs, entering the room, she stopped in her tracks, seeing a familiar face, relief set in. They all spoke, and things were slightly more clear. They were on her side, Chris had an expression on his face that she hadn’t seen for a long time, she smiled and knew what he was going to do.
For so long the people of this universe had fought many battles trying to stop the Void Lords from taking over since the Godfall, fought against Bek but this time, it was worse, much much worse. She had work to do, she had to figure out what to do, who to trust. Again, she is fighting to save Genesis and Oblivion, Lyla would do anything and stop at nothing. Let’s hope others realised how serious this was, this was the fight of their lives, their existence.
Lyla is ready to fight once more, she will be tried to be stopped, some won’t stand by her, some will try to deceive… Those who dare to underestimate her, get in her way, will be taken down, no hesitation.
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