The Death of an O'Neil

Efrain returns back to the O’Neil Ranch in his dusty old rebel truck. As he pulls up the drive, he finds Mabel’s pink faggio parked on the porch. He walks into the front door and heads to the kitchen, following the sweet scent of burgers. There he finds Mabel, wearing her usual outfit that she has worn forever, cooking some eggs. Efrain coughs to get her attention. Mabel turns around and in Mabel tradition, charges at him and kisses the ever loving shit out of him. “Where the hell have you been you dumb ass bitch?” Efrain responded with “Workin woman god damn you don’t even have a job so I had to get us some money you fat ape!” Mabel then understands and takes Efrain upstairs to there room. Hours go by, and Mabel comes out of the room satisfied, still wearing her same clothes. Efrain slowly walks out the door, looking all tired and worn out. Mabel turns around and looks at him in a emotion no one has ever seen. Efrain notices and says “Gosh Mabel, despite you being a major bitch, I do lov-” Efrain shows pain in his face. He clutches his chest with his hand. Efrain then drops to the floor. Mabel in a panic rushes over trying to see what is wrong. She attempts CPR but as she presses on his chest, grease starts to come out of his mouth. Mabel runs to get her cell phone calling the police “LENNIX GET YO BITCH ASS TO MY RANCH! EFRAIN IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK!” She hangs up before they could reply. Minutes later they show up, but its too late. Efrain has no pulse. They determined he officially had a heart attack, due to an exceedingly amount of grease in his system. Mabel then stood there starting to tear up. She had been the one to cause all of this. Her burgers…and probably herself, had caused Efrain to pass on. Mabel will never partially be the same again.

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