The Darkness Inside

As Caleb is sitting by his computer decrypting a weird Vaporeon flash drive that he found, a terrible flash of pain enters his head as his eyesight goes red, “we made a deal Dawson” says a voice all too familiar to him. Out of the corner of his eye he glances as the yellow battle suit in the corner of the room " You endangered my Family, my friends. Our Deal is off Colonel" Caleb says. His computer lets off a ding as his software decrypts the drive, he stares at the photo in shock. " she’s gone too far, this has gone too far" Caleb says as he presses his index fingers into his temple “Come on, let me take care of her for you Caleb, I could destroy her, ruin her” The voice of Mustad Gas says. “No, you will not take control again, I’m getting the Fath-” “YOU WILL NOT” screams the voice as Caleb is flung out of the chair by an unseen force and slammed against the wall “Now YOU have gone too far young one. Come, lets create some Carnage” Caleb’s Eyes glow a faint red, he dons the Yellow Suit and Exits the house, into the city.