That Chop shop life tier ideas

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  • Crime

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I think it would be cool say for tier 1 chop shop be the way it is now you take a car and get paid and get lucky with some parts. tier 2 be like a shopping list for the chop guys say in sandy or something want between 2-4 cars in 15 minutes like the old mission system but instead of 2-4 random cars of YOUR choice, they want 2-4 cars of different classes so eg they want one sport car 1 van 1 truck. for those tier 2s you could add a greed factor into it of pay where you get paid out like 20% per car you cash in of the class the want but if you want your full 100% cut you cash all of them in. this way your either risking it for the biscuit and maybe getting caught if the heat from the cops is right on your ass instead of getting 2/3 and peacing out with no pay or full pay. Tier 3 could be like the old tier 2 of gone in 60 seconds since they were such a huge focus over a lot of other crimes besides banks by the cops. the nonstop GPS could be tweaked to where there is windows where the gps kicks in and out intermittently(possibly works better if you have higher car thief level too) to offer windows to get away or mess with cops that memorize all the spots they’re heading to and just wait there it can be more where did they go? why did they start going south i thought they’d head to the one west. as for the spots to chop for t3s it could be like how heists are now where once that spot has received a car you got to wait a bit for the heat to cool off before a diff spot opens up OR you take it to a spot and they’re like someone chopped here already go try this spot which adds a state of panic if the cops were on your D. you could also add to the t3 chop you can say break in, hot wire but you can choose to try to disable the GPS locator to turn off for a longer period ((up to 15% chance or something not too successful (could be paired with hacking to increase up to another 10% chance)) or have a crit fail where it locks you in the car for 5-10s and notifies you and the cops the car is being stolen and lowjack is 100% engaged.

I just think these things keeps some of the old for your comfy semi safe chopping and adds more risk with higher rewards as well as fair counter play and challenges on both sides as the tiers go up. It also adds options of the greed factor being that knifes edge of being caught or not. if anyone whos played mobas and even survival games has had those moments where youre like just one more creep just one more node i think i can get it and then dies or gets ganked knows the feels of the bait of sweet sweet greed for goodies.