Sweedwater's Return

Weeks. Weeks spent between consciousness and sedation. Weeks spent in a dark, wet, cold, cobblestone cell. Weeks spent in an unknown place, surrounded by unknown people. The people in purple. The things they did to him. The unknown things. The things they did to Keegan, and the unknown amount of others. So many questions, but the road to the answers only seems to get longer.

Of course he is grateful. Grateful for the efforts of Keegan, and the Blackwater team. Grateful for the efforts of Killian and the SRT team. Thankful for everyone who helped Sweedwater get home safely, even though they did not have to.

At the same time, while he should be joyful, he finds himself in a shallow state. Similar to that of the city. He finds himself having a hard time re-adjusting to society, and man did he miss a lot. Between the feuds amongst his friends, bounties being set amongst others, and the general discomfort in the air amongst the deities, what was so good about returning home? Being home is good. Having the availability to go and get food when he pleases, going for a stroll on the beach, and having his fast car back. But inside, he finds himself as he was back in that dark, wet, cold cell. Feeling isolated. Locked into the confines of his mind. Cornered into his cell of a mind, while everyone wants him to join a side. The amount of pressure from others.

He has mixed feelings about the deities and their current issues. On one side, he believes that deities have the potential to protect the Obliviverse, and Genesis. That they have the potential to bring optimal balance to the world we live in. But what he sees from them is often the opposite. They claim to want to protect, but seem to take steps in the direction of chaos and disarray, and not the commandant.

A vision. Perhaps a dream even. It is what he was told that started it all. He does not want to discount the vision, nor the person who saw it. A prophecy it was called. Last he recalls, a prophecy is that of a prediction. He could go down to the Diamond Casino and predict that horse number 2 is going to win the race. There is always a chance that horse number 2 could win, but there is always a chance that it could not. Another perspective he has is that you could always sway a prediction. Take steps for your prediction to go the way you want it.

The claim that prophecy doesn’t always follow through has been made many times before. He doesn’t want to sound like a broken record, but he would make the same claim. Many deities have taken the steps to prevent the prophecy, by turning on Eris, setting bounties on her priestess, and many other things. While some may see this as the proper steps in “swaying” the prediction of the prophecy, Zane feels otherwise. He feels as if there are better steps, perhaps working with Eris to help ensure that her intentions are truthful and unharmful. To help guide her in the right direction, if they were to ever wander down the wrong path.

Zane understands that there is further history that has influenced the reactions and actions taken by the deities, but it does not alter his view. Perhaps he is just tired of seeing his peers being torn apart, constantly fighting, and relationships being destroyed. Those who once lived together, worked together, and were friends, are now shooting at each other, wanting to cause harm.

Regardless, Zane doesn’t feel like he has a role in any of this. He feels as if he is unable to help, as the situation has developed too far, and he was absent for the majority of it. All he can do is work on rebuilding what was torn down once by the people in purple. Hoping that he can keep the relationships he has in tact, and that the feud amongst deities and others doesn’t interfere. He hopes someday, everything will return to balance and peace, but with the world we live in, he will have to adapt to the chaos that lingers.

Now he has to figure out what to do next with his life. Perhaps he should start with what to do about the microchip attached to his spine, or perhaps his newly bionic leg. Maybe learn more about nanites. Or maybe those are all problems for a later date.

“That’s enough thinking for today.”, Zane says to himself as Keegan pulls up to him on the beach.