Sparkles - The Beginning

She drives down to her home…the warehouse everyone fears, the only place she feels safe, the place where mother left her years ago with only a baby doll in hand.
Sparkle strolls slowly down the stairs with an emphatic grin on her face as her head tilts sideways, looking at Rosey. Looking down, she sees the bloodstains all over her
coat and giggles loudly. She walks over towards Rosey and picks her up and holds her tightly. Whispers escape her mouth

“One down and many more to go, sweetheart”

releasing a quiet short giggle before looking over at her brother and sister. She wakes them softly and says one sentence

“Time for the whole family to go have fun, soon…”

as she sets down
her bloodstained knife and box-cutter on the workbench, next to the pliers and hammer. She lays down with Rosey in her cubby and begins to sing

“La lala la la la lala la lala”

while slowly fading to
sleep. @Zhanluan @Chriswow @AmyBos @FieldMedic2007