Self Identity - Katie Gat

As Katie clocks off of work, she looks around before opening her phone and turning it to a picture of her father and sister thinking “I wish you guys could see it my way but at the same time, I wish I could be in yours.” She had recently gotten divorced and just had little Lucy.

As she walks out to her Cheburek, she sighs and gets in and buckles up and begins to drive to the apartment she is temporarily renting near the red garage. As she walks in and sits on the couch with little Lucy. she looks out the window, not knowing what she wants to do…

That night she gets up and looks at some paperwork she printed out for herself, although it’s not known to us what that paperwork is, it is still extremely important to Katie and her claim to her heritage. She puts Lucy to bed and then goes to bed herself, wishing for a hint of what to do next….

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It had been several weeks since Katie was curious. Katie spends the day taking her daughter out shopping for school supplies. She had spent time on duty and sometime off duty.

She had spent time with people off duty, but always looking over her shoulder.

After she returns home she puts her daughter to bed, and she sits on her couch looking out at the city “Just move forward where I am. That’s all I can do”

That night, Katie falls asleep on the couch.

Katie heads home after spending the evening with friends. As she goes to her bed she looks at a set of pictures, one of her adopted parents, and the other of her father and sister. She falls sleep that night, not sure what the future will bring…

As Katie heads home after a crazy few days, she realizes what she has to do…
15 minlutes later…
“Mom, Dad, I look forward to seeing you guys, and I hope the country air will be good for Lucy, I love you guys, bye.” and then hangs up.
Katie goes to Lucy’s room and grabs a duffle bag and starts to pack as her daughter sleeps “I dont really want to do this, but this will be better for you, away from the chaos of the city” thoughts run through her head.
Katie grabs a picture of herself, Lucy, Sean, and the twins and puts it in the bag, and then proceeds to finish packing. Tired from packing she heads on to the couch and falls asleep, knowing she has to decide how to take her out of the city the next day.

It had been a crazy day. Between working earlier, and then doing stuff with her dad, It had been a crazy day, and one that had her questioning her identity once again. She puts her badge on the dresser, and not on her vanity as she normally does and goes to sleep. All she wants is answers to her questions, and to have more clarity about her place in the world.