Scarlett and tough times ahead

Scarlett stood, leaning in the doorway of the main bedroom, looking over James as he rested. She had just finished replacing the bandages for him and with some pain meds, he went back to sleep. She was worried, concerned and wondering a few questions. Will James regain his memory? Will he ever remember her and the connection they had? Will he be ok?

It was lucky that he could remember her father, the one who trained him in the Australian Army so there was some connection she could start with, with James.

After being released from hospital, he agreed to go with her because she was cute. Upon arriving at their house, James’ comment was, “Wow! She is cute and has money”

Over the days, using the supplies Bison had given her, she continued to change his bandages over his burns, apply the burn cream and check on his head to ensure everything was healing and was not getting infected.

As she watched him rest, she sighed and thought, “Yep, it is going to be a long road, but we will get through it” She stopped leaning on the door and closed it as quietly as she could.

Scarlett needed a coffee, the sleepless nights were catching up with her, after making the cup of coffee, she sat down on the couch with her laptop on the coffee table in front of her. Her sleepless nights were spent researching ways to help someone regain their memory after a serious blow to the head, or if it could be regained at all.

Typing on her laptop, drinking her coffee, she sent a few emails to the LSPD command staff providing updates on James’ progress and continuing to research what she could do, who could help and anything she could really find out.

The main thing that kept popping up in her research was that after a Traumatic Brain Injury, memory loss could last from a few minutes to a few weeks or even months. She thought maybe Lyla could help her, she got her phone out and sent a message.

After spending some time researching and reading the same thing over and over, she closed her laptop and laid back on the couch. She was exhausted but she had to keep moving, and doing what she could.

She closed her eyes to rest them for a few moments but with being as exhausted as she was, she fell into a deep sleep.

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After James was treated by Lyla, Scarlett waited in the hospital waiting room, while the doctors and nurses moved James into the ICU at Sandy Hospital and got him hooked up to all the monitors and making sure he was stable.

She couldn’t help but pace, like a lion in an enclosure pacing the window, watching the people on the other side. She knew Boris was ruthless but what had happened to James, what he put him through was on another level. A level she didn’t think anyone could stoop too. Torture. She was so wrong.

She couldn’t get the images out of her head, the photos that Boris has sent her and she couldn’t believe that the vagos or the ballas could back him up on something like this…

She was pissed, she never wished harm on anyone, that wasn’t her. But what Boris had done to the love of her life, for the very first time ever, she wanted payback. She didn’t know how, but she felt it, it was there. It’s a thought that scared the shit out of her, but she would do anything for those she loved.

She was so deep in thought, she didn’t realize the nurse was trying to get her attention. She snapped out of it when the nurse gently put a hand on her shoulder.

Scarlett gave a small nod and weak smile when the nurse told her she could go be with him.

She paused at the door, the sight of James brought back the tears that threatened to fall when Boris had James and she was getting the messages.

She moved more inside the door and closed the door quietly.

Looking at the rather uncomfortable hospital chair next to James’ bed, she took off her blood stained police vest and put it on the floor, there was some blood on the rest of her uniform but she didn’t care.

She sat in the chair, looking at James as he rested. Tears falling down her cheeks and landing on her dirty uniform. She struggled keeping her composure while they were trying to figure out where James was, but now that he was now safe and resting, the tears flowed freely. Not needing to hold them back anymore.

Scarlett moved the chair closer to James’ bed and sat down again. She held his good hand and looked at him, “Please pull through this. I never realized until now how much someone could mean to me. I will be here every step of the way, I love you James, and I won’t ever stop loving you, so please pull through. The police need their Chief and I need my fiancé” she whispered to him.

Now that she was with him, and he was stable and on the mend, she felt the exhaustion set in. It was an emotional and physically draining day.

Still holding onto his hand, she moved so she rested her head on the bed and closed her eyes. She was as close to him as she could get.

During the night, she kept waking up when the nurses would come in and check his vitals and wounds. A couple of times, her instincts kicked in where her hand even went to her gun, but the nurses assured her that their security was on high alert, there were some Davis cops stationed outside the room and she didn’t need to worry about that right now.

She thanked them and rested her head back down on the bed once again. Letting her exhaustion consume her. She needed to try to get some sleep so she could do what she could do for James……

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Scarlett was sitting on the couch, tv playing softly in the background, she was deep in thought.
She had woken up suddenly at 2am, drenched in sweat and heavily breathing. She had a nightmare of Boris torturing someone, it turned out to be her that he was torturing.

She really needed to see the therapist, the thoughts that went through her mind scared the hell out of her and she needed to get it sorted.
She also worried about James, her new husband, yes they were happily married now and she was a Badd. But after being blown up a few times, losing his memory due to a fractured skull, getting his memory back and then being tortured by Boris, she was concerned for him. How everything had affected him.

He wasn’t giving anything away, he was being the tough Army officer and not letting it affect him, not letting it make him feel or appear weak but she could sense something wasn’t right. Has her James changed? Sure, he saluted at the wedding and responded 10-4 to “Do you take Scarlett to be your bride?” but something didn’t feel right. Especially since he had stepped down from Chief of Police.

She knew that he was doing research in a robotic eye, that could help him with replacing his missing left eye that Boris had completely destroyed. The night that both James and her got tortured. His was physical torture and hers was emotional torture.

She hated Boris for what he had done to James, but after her chat with Maria yesterday, it had put a few things in perspective and helped reduce some of the thoughts that plagued her mind. But she still wanted him to pay for what he had done. Yes he had gone through some painful stuff himself, but that didn’t give him the right to hurt others for something that wasn’t in their control.

She was grateful for Lyla on that night, using her experience as an EMS to help James and his injuries once he was taken to the closest hospital. And she was also grateful for Nathan, using his powers to help heal James’ hands, burns and ear. She couldn’t think of a way to thank him for helping the love of her life.

As a couple, she and James had been through quite a bit, but she wondered how she support him and help him with this. Help him see past this, past the vengeance, just like Maria had helped her.

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Only a dim light illuminated the gym where Scarlett was, punching out her frustration and worries. Getting

She was trying her best to be there for her husband, to support him in any way she could but she felt like she was failing. James wouldn’t let her in, wouldn’t confide in her and it was scaring her. Damn him and his military training and “I don’t need help” mentality.
Her father went through the same thing when he came back from tours, she wondered how her mother coped with it all. She wished she could ask her mother for guidance.

Even though he tried to hide it from her, she knew he was barely sleeping and he was making sure that he appeared fine on the outside, but she knew he wasn’t fine.

She had had many discussions with Thompson about James’ mental state and how to help him as he refused any help from therapists. Scarlett had suggested talking to Maria as she had helped her with dealing with the whole James being tortured and seeing things in another perspective, but he didn’t respond to that suggestion.

Maybe, just maybe he needed someone with a military background to help him with all this. She remembered briefly she had overheard her father talking to James back in the Army when she was around helping train the cadets in the Army. Wasn’t exactly talking, more like yelling.

The only other person she could think of that could help, it was a crazy idea but maybe it was something that would help.

She stopped punching the bag and wiped the sweat of her forehead, breathing heavily she walked over and grabbed her drink bottle and took a big gulp of water then started working on controlling her breathing.
She glanced at her phone, still thinking it’s a crazy idea. But when it came to James, anything that she could do to help was worth it. She just wanted her husband back.

Thinking, “Fuck it” she grabbed her tablet and opened her emails and paused for a brief second, but continued to write the email.

To: Grant Harris (FIB)
From: Scarlett Badd (LSPD)

Good Morning,

I know you may be busy, but I have a big favour to ask.
I am worried about my Husband, James Badd, the former Chief of Police, since being  kidnapped and tortured by Boris he has not been the same. He is refusing to talk to any therapists and I don’t think they would be able to help anyway. 

A crazy idea that came up was seeing as though you are a Military man, you may be able to help. I know you have both had your differences on various topics but I think you might be able to help get through his military stubbornness.

I am running out of ideas on how to help and support him, doesn’t matter which way I approach it.  

Please let me know if you are willing to help.

Scarlett Badd

She put the tablet back in her bag, took another drink of water and went back to punching the bag again. Hoping to come up with any more ideas to help James….

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Coming home after a long, busy shift, Scarlett was exhausted. It was late, dark and stormy outside.

She parked her Kuruma in the garage next to James’ Contender and walked in the door and hung her coat on the coat rack.

She looked around to see where James was, she couldn’t see him anywhere. Moving towards the bedroom, she unhooked her gun and badge and placed it in her side table draw and moved towards the en suite to take a shower.

She stepped under the hot water to help relax her muscles from her the busy day she experienced.

While in the en suite, James had come into the bedroom to head to bed himself when he noticed Scarlett’s bedside table draw slightly open, he didn’t think much of it and went over to close it.

He glanced and saw her gun and a new badge, his curiosity got the best of him and opened the draw more and noticed that it wasn’t her Lieutenant badge, it was a Chief Badge.

He stared at it for a moment and heard the shower shut off, he sat on the bed and waited for Scarlett to come back to the bedroom, her badge in his hand.

Scarlett walked into the room, dressed in her pajamas, using her towel to dry her hair and saw James sitting there, something in his hand, “Hey honey” she said.

“I see congratulations is in order. Congratulations, Chief.” he said as he placed it down on the bed and stood up calmly.

But all of a sudden, “NOW what are you going to do to fix PD??? What you going to do to avenge the brutality against me???” he yelled at her.

“You! Do not get to yell at me?” she defended, raising her voice but still calm.
“Yes, you are my husband and yes I want justice as much as you do for what Boris did to you. But don’t you dare yell at me. Talk to me like a civilized human being”

James smirked, “You seem to have a backbone with me, but not with Boris. Just like the rest of PD. For far too long the police department has allowed an international criminal to freely roam the streets of Los Santos with no regard for the law. This needs to end… or I will have to end it for you” James responded more level headed, but dark and with that he storms out of the house.

Scarlett sits on the bed as she hears James’s contender start up and leave the garage, unsure of what just happened. Did James really despise the PD that much that?!

She looked at her badge on the bed, in a way he was right. She had a backbone with him, it was time she used the backbone with the criminals of the city and especially Boris.

But she has to play it smart with Boris, when she spoke to the mayor and Maria last, Boris still had immunity on him. The mayor had informed them that once we had enough, not just numerous charges but a charge that was damaging enough to warrant the mayor to revoke Boris’ diplomatic immunity, they would still need to investigate and hope Boris slipped up.

It’s no longer play time……. It’s time for justice……

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