Possible Drill repair bug?

Date of Bug: bOct 9th
Estimated Time of Bug: 9 pm pst Oct 9th, not sure on the first time it wat between 12 am and 5 am
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y/N Yes
Explain the Bug: I put 1 portable miner in to repair it. The timer said 1 minute till done. I thought it might be my time saver I used months ago that didn’t work for me back when or I was repairing a good drill. Repeated it just now with same results. From what I’ve been told the portable miner should take about an hour for them to repair.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: I repeated the process tonight with a confirmed broken drill.

Please scroll through F8 and include screenshots of any errors you can find that may be related to the issue at hand and attach the photos here: Nothing is shown as an error on F8

It appears my time savers from 3 months ago finally worked or it’s fixed. full time on 3rd run.