Patrick Silva - LSPD Application

Persona Full Name: Patrick Silva

RPID: 3679

Persona Registration: A12LPN9T

Persona Phone #: 895-7042

Time Zone: EST

Have you committed any crimes and if so have you learned from them?
Yes mane back in da day i make not nice crime and learn that is not worth. I learne when I do bad thing other peoples suffers and is nots goods for people. I born in favela en Brasil and I see first hand how da public suffers from dese crimes. Is time for good change

Why should we hire you?
You guy should hires me because I am looking for goods change in my life to help and protect the struggling communities. I learns many stuffs and skills to help out the peoples. Such as persistence and never backe down! I never quits until my goal is finish.

What are you looking for in the LSPD?
I ams looking for a new purpose in lifes. I want to help many peoples and protects. I wants to be a example for other stugglings peoples

Please list any previous law enforcement experience and / or schooling:
After I decide stops the ciminal stuffs I decides best for me to go to military training school. I traine hard everydays and learns respect and orders. I begans to learn abouts aerodynamics and aircrafts because one day i hopes to be a pilot

Good afternoon,

At this time I would like to extend to you an invitation to join our Cadet Training Program. Please reach out to me or any other High Command Staff member so we are able to get you indoctrinated into the program as soon as possible.

Chief Bellucci

Captain Dahl