Patch Notes: Valentines Day

  • Organizations
    – The luck can now be purchased by officers and the leader of an organization with the /buyluck command.
    – The /luck command will show you who controls the luck and how strongly they control it.
    – Organization Tax Rates can be changed by the organization leader with the /settax command.

  • Police
    – MDT Roster has been updated with full functionality for promotions, demotions and firings. (Now you can get elevated paychecks for your rank in the PD!)
    – MDT Search by Phone is now functional.
    – Using a Police Badge will now add you to the LSPD Organization.

  • Meth Lab
    – Time reduced by roughly an hour on cooking.

  • Weed Grow
    – Time halved from an average of 8 hours to an average of 4 hours.
    – Will properly accept Fertilizer created by the TalboTec Fertilizer Synthesizer.

  • Misc
    – Voting booth removed.
    – You can now crouch and aim your weapons in properly synced animations.
    – Various trucking bugs and inconsistencies fixed.
    – Various new backend functions to make managing chat, status, buffs and various other factors added.
    – /valentines command added to track your Valentines Day Buffs.

  • MTX
    – Valentines Day Card, Bouquet of Flowers, Power of Love, Box of Chocolates and Valentines Day Bundle added to the mtx shop.