Patch Notes: v1.0.9

New System

  • Car Dealer
    – Car Dealers can now buy vehicles from factory stock and sell them to other players.
    – This job is exclusively available for the PDM organization.
    – The showroom is now removed in favor of RP Car Dealer.

  • Mechanic Update
    – Mechanic is now a roleplay and crafting based job similar to Gunsmith and Chemist. Mechanics now draw their income from repairing the cars of other players and crafting upgrades for them.

  • Notification System
    – You can now receive notifications, packages and money while offline, this is stored in your notifications and can be found in Menu -> Player -> Notifications. This system will allow us to deliver microtransactions, boxes, patreon benefits, payouts from car sales, and various other things without fail.

  • Job Scripts Updated
    – All job scripts now run significantly faster due to elimination of redundant code.

  • Foundations
    – Organization Level (Personal) and Organization Level (Organization) foundations finished, this will roll out fully tomorrow.
    – Organization Luck system implemented, but useless until we elect organization leaders. (This week!)

  • Double Experience & Laundering Bonanza
    – This weekend will be double XP and a special laundering bonanza event.

  • Boxes
    – City of Night box is FINALLY able to be opened. It will be available until February 14th.



  • Car Dealer
    – Added confirmation dialog to purchasing stock at the PC.
    – Fixed Stalion and Stalion2 properly outputting names on the PC.
    – Fixed the PC not wiping cars in stock when it added new ones.

  • PapaJohn TV Fundraiser
    – Added and activated the fundraiser tickets.

  • Ruiner 2000 Giveaway
    – Activated the Ruiner 2000 Entry Tickets from City of Night box.



  • Car Dealer
    – Fixed a series of bugs in the Car Dealer PC that prevented buying of some vehicles and caused blanks to show up.

  • Organizations
    – Organization Level now properly gains experience, and you can gain levels and get benefits.
    – New Command: /tithe (amount) - Allows you to set the % of experience you tithe to your org.
    – New Command: /owho - Allows you to see who is currently awake from your organization.

  • Holdouts v3
    – Seizing a holdout now grants you personal org experience.
    – Holdouts have been reworked to melt the v2 system, and the original system. All holdouts now have influence values that decay over time (it saves this time through reboots, no more free money.)
    – You can now recharge your holdouts by triggering them the same way you would seize a holdout.
    – Holdout seizure creates a negative impact on the holdouts influence, even if you fail. For instance if a holdout is at 10,000 influence, and you seize it for 4 minutes, and take 5,000 off, that holdout will remain at 5,000 influence until it is recharged by its organization. This means no seizure is useless or fruitless.
    – Holdout rewards have been re-worked and re-added.
    – Currently Live Holdouts:
    — The Chop Shop
    — The Quarry
    — The Morgue

  • Specialist
    – Upped the experience gained by Laundering.
    – Set launderintg back to base 1000/500 rate from the Double Laundering event.

  • The Families
    – Door to La Fuenta set to open, as well as collision added to interior so they can now properly access their org headquarters and job selector.

  • Fixes
    – Beanbag Shotgun will now function as intended and no longer do incredible damage.
    – A typo in the Laundering PC has been fixed.
    – You will no longer have to /clear manually after being knocked down.
    – The /oscore command has been made much faster (as part of a massive rehaul of the organization back end that sped everything up by around 300%. Managed Memory babbyyyyyy.)
    – Removed some redundant SQL calls we were doing that used massive amounts of memory.

  • RP Enhancements
    – Character Prefixes and Suffixes have been implemented. You can earn these via awesome roleplay and storyline, or from achievements.

  • Weekly Event
    – Double XP and Double Laundering has ended.
    – Double Org XP has begun.