Patch Notes: v1.0.8

Good news everyone,

  • Fixed Luca Bobblehead
  • Fixed Community Service
  • May have fixed press E to hack getting stuck on screen (Preliminary testing was without issue but will have to wait for it to be in a live environment to be sure)
  • Fixed datapad frying only taking normal datapads
  • May have fixed delivery driver issues (Having to load more packages then you can deliver) (Preliminary testing was without issue but will have to wait for it to be in a live environment to be sure)
  • Reverted changed to ragdoll so people can actually stand up again (I spent hours trying to sort a way to make this happen without having to revert changes but failed)
  • Removed AFK kick for the time being
  • Removed ATM as hackable in Mr Milks
  • Fixed bank payouts
  • You should theoretically not get chucked out of your car when taking your seatbelt off while moving
  • Laundering base amount raised to $1,000 from $100
    Laundering total raised to $50,000 from $10,000 in the pot.
  • New Resource: Organization Experience
    You will passively gain organization experience everytime you gain experience. This amount will go toward your total organization rank, and allow you to unlock new features, perks, and shops in your organization.
  • New Command: /oscore (or /osc for short) shows you the vital statistics you need to know about your status in your organization.

Organization Rework
All current organizations have been removed and rendered inert.
New Organizations:

  • The Lost
    (HQ: Lost Bar in City. Specs: Drug Manufacturing, Chopping)

  • Los Vagos
    (HQ: Vanilla Unicorn. Specs: Gunsmithing, Drug Dealing)

  • Aztecas
    (HQ: Galaxy Nightclub. Specs: Drug Dealing, Heists)

  • The Families
    (HQ: La Fuenta Blanca. Specs: Forgery, Drug Manufacturing)

  • Forum Drive
    (HQ: Church on Forum. Specs: Heists, Gunsmithing)

  • Ballas
    (HQ: Grove Street. Specs: Chop, Forgery)

  • Talbot Industries
    (HQ: Maze Bank West. Specs: Hacking, Real Estate)

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport
    (HQ: PDX. Specs: Car Dealer, Mechanic)

  • Chaos News Network
    (HQ: Weazel News Building. Specs: Reporter, Hacking)

  • Reggie’s Customs
    (HQ: Benny’s. Specs: Mechanic, Delivery)

  • LS Transportation Union
    (HQ: Bus Depot. Specs: Delivery, Driver)

To join an organization you simply approach a recruiter and press E to join them at this time. (Later we will create missions you have to do to join them, but for ease of transition for everyone, at this time you just press E to join.

  • Foundations of Car Dealer
  • Foundations for new gunsmithing and drugcrafting.
  • The abovementioned will slide in 1.0.9 in the next couple of days.
  • Org leader nominations then elections will begin next week.