Patch Notes: Pre-1.1

  • Gunsmithing
    – Fully reworked to be a live crafting system similar to Meth.
    – Assault Rifle’s have returned.

  • Mining
    – Fully reworked from the ground up. No more invisible nodes. LOTS more world nodes. Variance in nodes that you can see (“Iron Vein”, “Copper Vein”, etc.)

  • Methapalooza
    – Methapalooza event running from 2/21 to 2/23. Ephedrine yields double meth.
    – Meth Reggie moved from bum fuck nowhere to the City.

  • Drugs
    – Fixed the bug causing the drug calls to not work properly. NOW it only has a chance to alert police once you’ve started. Not when you take the mission. No more tents.