Oliver Lively Laurenzo

This is a story of an average man named Oliver Laurenzo that had his life turned upside down.

Oliver Lively Laurenzo is a 67 yr old man born on April 8th, 1953 who grew up in The Bronx, NY. He was raised by a poor family that lived paycheck to paycheck with a dream of one day being able to get his family the life he believed they deserved.

Around 1967 when Oliver was 14 years old his father (Donato Laurenzo) was arrested, Donato was involved with a “company” that transported goods around New York and surrounding states. He found himself in a tough spot one day after he had found himself involved with a murder committed by one of closest friend Thomas that worked with him, one of their clients had got upset about some of the goods and how they weren’t in the condition they expected them to be in, it escalated into a fight and took a turn for the worst and the client had been killed by Thomas. Donato’s “friend” Thomas blackmailed him with information he had learned about his past, knowing his family would be in danger if this information had been made public Donato made the decision to keep his mouth shut and help him hide the body and any evidence. Police investigations caught up and had lead them to Thomas being the primary suspect, Thomas took what he consided the easy route and made a twisted confession in which Donato had been the perpetrator of the murder and that he had been blackmailing him into being quiet. With the evidence and stories stacking against Donato he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison, leaving his family that was already struggling to get by in a worse position that ever before. Later in 1969 Donato was killed by an inmate that had been offered a chance at freedom by Thomas to keep him quiet so that there would be no possibility of Donato finding anything to use against Thomas.

After everything that had happened Oliver lived a rather calm life, constantly working to keep his family afloat. He eventually had a family of his own, in 1973 when he was 20 he met a woman who meant the world to him named Alice, after many years of dating that Oliver considered some of the best time of in life they would later marry in 1975, and later in 1986 they would have a daughter that they decided to name Rosanna that would be the last piece to their family… However, in 2019 she suddenly was missing with one single trace… Los Santos.