NPC Police Calls

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Saw that there was some discussion about police and how hard it can be to level as one due to EXP not being super readily available. Here’s some a way to possibly fix it.

Give police missions which would be able to gotten by doing a command /dispatchcall

/dispatchcall will give a variety of different calls ranging from more common to rare. The rarity of the call would dicated the possible pool of exp to pull from(Which could be more depending on like bobbles, skills and boosters). Police would be able to get a job around every 15-30minutes(However balancing may work out).

Common calls: Anywhere between say like 15-50exp

  • Traffic Incidents - Report to the scene of a crash(Only spawns in once close enough). I think for simplicity sake, you would mostly arrive and “manage” the scene for X period of time. However, this can easily go way more in depth with talking to AI and determining whose at fault in which EXP is only awarded if you are correct.

  • Police Presence - This will mostly just send you to X location for X period of time of which you must sit and wait there. The whole idea of this kind of call is to give a police presence in whatever location it sends you to. Moving out of said location, fails the call and no EXP is awarded.

  • Report - This call will send you to a location in which you speak to an NPC(Which could have various types of reports ranging from witnesses a drug hand off, possible murder, noise complaint, etc).

  • Patrol Route - Simple. A series of check points which will loop back to the first. When given a route, it will be in one of the patrol zones(As police have set up for themselves). The zone route will be random for simplicity sake.

Rare Calls: This happen way less and can give between like say 75-150 EXP.

  • Gang Activity - Located randomly in of the major gang locations(Grove Street, Forum, Lost Bar, Bario, La Fuente Blanca, Russian Embassy, Rodger’s Scrapyard as some possible examples). Each location would have gang peds that would be there(IE Ballas on Grove). And they can have a range of weapons from a pistol, to an uzi, to like a compact rifle. Upon getting close enough the call, peds turn hostiles (leaving to far will fail the call and award no EXP). Police must take out all the peds in order to successfully gain EXP. Dying will auto fail. Around 5-7 suspects(Or whatever the amount crims got for davis raids).

  • Distress Call - A local davis boy sends out a panic alert. You’re send to the location in which an active shootout is happening. EXP can vary depending on if the local cop lives or dies. Between 1-3 suspects would be able to spawn for this one.

Parting Thoughts:
The idea can go on from here with more various possible calls. These are just the handful I thought of and of course everything to be adjust for better balance.