My contribution to the org bank is dipping

Date of Bug: 8/9/2020
Estimated Time of Bug: 8:15 PM
Can you reproduce the Bug: Possibly
Explain the Bug: So last night. I checked the /oscore. See my losses. It was only within the 7k some change…When majority of the time i’ve had put more then half into it since the restart. I know no one has been awake to contribute within the past few days. If they have my overall total contributing shouldn’t be going down either. Today I checked and i’m now only put in 6k+ when I been doing taxi, and sold a few things last night and before. I don’t think it was to go based off on a daily contribution.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: I’m not sure if it’s by just logging in that it’s going down or a daily count of whats been put in. But I’m 100% I had over 7k last night, and known before that I was and have been putting in more then half of the money in. Cause i’m the only one awake. This is a before

It’s pretty old, but i’m more then sure that i’ve kept a steady pace of being within the half range mark of contributing. And then today…

Resolved previously without being marked.