Mr.Milks not paying you for sales

Date of Bug: 2020-07-11
Estimated Time of Bug: 4:45pm EST
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y
Explain the Bug: When selling certain items to Mr.Milks grocery store. It can sometimes not return a cash value at the end of the transaction. the little popup on the side of the screen reported back to me saying it was logged and I did not recieve some items in return. But I could not screenshot anything and the console did not return anything abnormal for me to screenshot either

Date of Bug : 2020-07-17
Estimated Time of Bug : 1:25am EST
Can you reproduce the Bug : Y
Explain the Bug : I had the same issue. sold some things and had the same pop up message. saying some items were missing and it has been reported.

No errors in F8
I have before and after photos of my inventory.



I hope this helps

Had the same error yesterday I got it while i was trying to sell some items that had 2 stacks in my inventory. Stack the times then go back into the store and see if you can sell them.

A fix for the separate stacks is in the works.