More Jewelry Ideas

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

Possibility of stronger bands/metals
New minable metals and gems
Ability to make our own base items


I understand jewelry will be branching out further once balances are figured out. I just wanted to make a few suggestions. I figure the variety of gems and abilities is already in the works. Possibly this could only be something people with the jewelry skill could smelt?

Mining Metals:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Titanium

Adding the ability for jewelers to make their own base materials such as ring bands, necklaces, et.

New ideas for base materials:

  • Titanium - strongest of ring types
  • Silicone - can be crafted from silicone, adds a large amount of damage reduction to physical jobs such as mining, police, et.

Parting Thoughts:
Just some ideas I wanted to share

Ancientainium rings that don’t break would be interesting.