Missing items entirely

Date of Bug: Wednesday Sept 16th 2020 for the Business License, Unsure about the collar
Estimated Time of Bug: 3:35pm EST
Can you reproduce the Bug: N
Explain the Bug:

I decided to try and begin a business. However could not decide on the name and canceled the naming process. As I left that screen the license was consumed and did not return to my inventory. Leaving me Business less and license less. I’ve also seemingly lost my entire stack of Jamie Frost’s Collar. I’m unsure what the total of them was as It’s been a few days since I’ve realized they’ve gone missing.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: If you purchase a license, enter the naming stage and than cancel out the stage without making a name. It will not return the license. The 2nd portion I think you just have to be as oblivious as I am and forget what you did with an item.

Think Jamie’s was removed, the bobbles with his name will more and likely be purged next.