Merrick an'Akosh - Myriad

He stood, staring into the myriad of colors twirling around him. Thin strands of glowing energy woven into a larger pattern, each spiraling off into their own abyss before dissipating. The nucleus sat in front of him, intertwined with billions of individual strands, all circling one another around a dimly glowing focal point. He snorted lightly to himself, pulling a few strands to the side, gazing into the focal point in which the strands all frayed off the nucleus.

“Hmm…” he groaned to himself, turning the entire ball of strands in the air before him, examining it from another side, slowly nodding to himself. “Interesting. Very interesting” he mumbled under his breath, his steady inhalation and exhalation emitting the feintest of golden steam as he stared into the weave.

He pulled the weave in closer to himself, peering intently with one eye at the knot which sends the strands flying off into the distance, tracing his overlarge fingers down the strands from the point they intersected in the knot. He ran the three dimly glowing threads between his fingers, leaning closer to them, tracing his fingers back up to the knot, and seeing where they formed the larger knot.

He nodded to himself, huffing once more, shifting his weight and coming to his feet, lifting the weave up with him. Grasping at his waist he lifted a pair of shears up, severing the three strands of fate, watching the weave change and adjust as the knot disappeared, and the weave continued on, wrapping infinitely around it’s nucleus, growing to massive proportions. His eyes widened, finding the solution and realization he was seeking. Turning his back to the weave, he walked across the small, yet endless platform he stood on, his eyes gazing out into the nothingness of what remained of the Void in the End of Time. A lone doorway stood, no walls surrounding or backing it, a sturdy wooden door sitting on it’s hinges within.

He pulled the door open, stepping through it into a meadow, his course decided. As the door swung shut behind him, the three severed strands glowed dimly on the ground, fading. One a sickening green, one a dim purple, and one a vivid violet.