Mayoral Reports: Chaos News Network (updated 1/25)

Mayoral Report
Chaos News Network Staff

Mayor Papa “Bear” Shitlord Sr.

January 19th, 2020

I would like to take the time to inform the public of what my cabinet have been doing since the start
of my term. First I would like to say thing have started out on a rocky front but since the merge with
the states again we have made progress.

  • Correctional Officer Steve has been fired due to his inability to do his job at community service and has been replaced.
  • We also had reports of crime activity increasing with more and more citizens “joining” organized crime as it seems that many [normally private] organizations have opened their doors to boost numbers in the recent FIB events in the city.
  • We are also noticing an increase in money being laundered as of late in some of the latest raids on known areas that have allowed for this crime.
  • On a positive note, we have been able to open up some unions for [workers] around
    the city. Most can be found [via] your GPS.
  • Finally I like to inform the public that banks have started holding money for some VIP clients again so we can only assume that crime might go back on the rise on these locations but Chief Badd is ready for this and is already training new [recruits] as of the 18th.
    Stay safe in these times of crime and don’t forget to report any uncollared supers in the city to PD.

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January 25th, 2020

Cello everyone I would like to put out some news regarding a few new things for everyone to know about that the Bear Administration has been able to bring forward and this report will highlight some of those things!
*The deal with PDM has gone though and we can tell you today that they have already begun to hire employees and will disclose financials soon.
*We are proud to bring to you a college event this weekend that is open to everyone! So we advise you to visit as you see fit as it is a city wide event but it is only this weekend so don’t wait to get
your free boost.
*We have made a few deals with some of our local job services to give them a faster line to
services for your benefits to bring you jobs in a smoother way.
*Finally we are proud to say we are bringing in a new critical delivery system powered by Talbot Industries that brings you your money whenever and however you make it along with many other items such as your city boxes.

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