LSPD Application Stu Pid

Persona Full Name: Stu Pid

Persona Registration: SA-6CEBCFKE

Persona Phone #: STU-PIDD

Discord : Shifty#7892

Time Zone: EST

Have you committed any crimes and if so have you learned from them?
Drugs numbah one but I can put those away to be apart of the LSPD

Why should we hire you?
I want to help put away filthy scriminal chum that are doing crimes and protect the city. I also have 27 PHD’s so I am supah smart and no scriminal can outsmart me so I’ll catch all of them

What are you looking for in the LSPD?
I want a new family because my previous adopted family is all dead :cry:

Please list any previous law enforcement experience and / or schooling:
I was apart of da police academy a month or two ago but I flew out to meet a Nigerian prince in Africa because he promised me a million dollah, but now I am back and ready to give this anotha go

Thank you for applying to the LSPD!

At this time I would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a ride along.

At your earliest convenience, please report to Mission Row PD and request for “Command Staff”.

Make sure you plan for this to take at least an hour to an hour and half and wear appropriate clothing.

Good Luck,
Klad Blackforge,
Patrol Captain of the LSPD