Let me sip on that, with my pinky up!

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Crime
  • Economic Structure
  • General
  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

Can we pop open the winery? It’d probably fall under cooking, maybe a sub area of it. But have access to some wine choices, custom themed drinks for businesses, like the clubs, and home brews/LS/Org/whatever drinks that are just thought of by the community. Just a way to add some extra options to sell. I figured the winery would fit into gardening needs and the cooking stuff. I’d also just like to get some “drinks” in so people will get a little more immersion.

Parting Thoughts:
I thought the winery could have love, that’d help focus the gardening/cooking. Plus a chance to give all the club places an option to have a house drink that they’d need to get from them, but also home brews or custom brews. I don’t know my beer stuff. XD But drinks that are figured out from the community, maybe atleast the option of 1 house drink per place. Then a few other spare options that’d fit into just basics to use. Cause then people would have something to increase their immersion with, other then lemonade.