Lambeau Wulfe - Lucid Dreaming

Lambeau woke breathless, trembling, with sweat rolling down his face. He pulled his arm from under the blanket, and began to wipe his face on his forarm. A quick glimpse of the phone before going blank revealed it was 3:00 AM. It ran through his mind how this has become a common occurence of late. It’s always the same dream, and waking him at the same time. The simple thought was believing it was just the “witching hour.” But before and awhile after coming to Los Santos a similar dream would play only the outcome was more so from a third person view. He sat up on the bed, and propelled himself up. Staggering to the bathroom, and reaching out for the sink. He begins running the water, and takes a few minutes to rinse his face. He reaches for a towel and drys his face. Walking back to the bed he meets up with his skull mask next to the phone. He picks it up and stares into it. Thinking why’d this one stand out more so like it was calling to him. If his wolf mask hadn’t become so identifiable this one would of never stumbled into his hands. A quick snicker slipped, thinking back to when he arrived in the city. Believing he had to keep his identity hidden. So he used a paperbag, and eventually tried out a few others before sticking with the wolf. “You seem to be having troubles Miho, chaa. Normally people like you let the truth hurt, chaaa. Yet, you remain unscathed from knowing what really happened that night, cha. You’re also trying to elude this truth, chaa. You know, that I know, what we know of those times of the nino life. Chaaa, miho?” Lambeau rubs his head with his free hand, and tightly clenching the mask. “You already know that these little games won’t hinder a difference. The past was put behind me for a reason. I carried my trauma with me of the times before Los Santos. In order to find the one who’d committed those actions. If the dreams are my reality, then I will carry such sins to the grave. I can’t risk my familia that I have now. If that means I suffer in this darkness. Then that’s how it be. I remember that feeling of unease during our fight against Necroval. Then dealing with Luca, I know I slipped.” He had made his way out to his garage. Mask in hand, the other pulling away a sheet that covered a motorcycle. “Waking to my hair being cut, and this bike is proof of that. The final straw though was finding out. That I had brought up about leaving the Vago’s. But I understood then…It was Luca, that attracted you. The one thing I understand of you. You want power. Everyone wants power. Shit, me too. The self proclaimed diety of crippling debt. Stupid as it maybe, I doubt I could take any if it meant hurting my family. Asshole.” His fist found it’s way into the wall, with the mask propped up next to the puncturing. Leaning his head forward to rest on the wall he sighs. “Oh, miho I know that the truth pains you chaaaa. It chips away at your decisions everyday, chaa. The power I seek is far more then you may realize, cha. It’s our way to freedom miho, chaa. You may have come to realize I “do” exist once again chaa. I also won’t be easily locked away anymore, chaaa. I did try to leave your familia behind, chaa. To save them from you, or should I say us chaa? With my few moments of freedom. I thought it would last longer, cha. So I began to rearrange and splurge a bit, chaaaa. No matter miho, the current situation in this city gives us no fear cha. You have no worries since you’re not what they call a super, chaa. I gave you one gift as a nino, and it was what you asked me for at the time chaaaa. You wished to not feel the pain anymore and I couldn’t just let you die, cha. To this day you may not feel pain, but you will always take the damage chaaa. Go get your rest, miho cha.” He already had made his way into the house and been sitting on the bed. He opened the drawer on the nightstand. Sitting in the far corner a big bag of normie, and underneath a .50. In the front had been a neatly folded yellow bandana. He pulled it out and set it to the side. Before leaning forward and reaching under the bed, where he pulled a sawn off shotgun from the frame. Leaving it in his lap, he reached over for the bandana and unfolded it. He remembers the warm night of the summer when Jesus had presented it to him. An achievement that may not seem like much to many. But surely from where it all began and where it led up to. It was a major pillar of Lambeau’s life. He had tied it at the end of the stock. “You’ve been around for many centuries, but you haven’t played enough games to get one past me anymore. Either we find a solution somewhere down the road or it will all end with us. In times like this I rather be locked up in my house knowing you won’t be able to get your way. That’s the very least I can do. I too know it can bring sad days for the familia, but no sadder then the ones if the scenario from before repeat themselves here. I’ll continue to daunt this mask in the name of Lob…Lambeau Wulfe. The solution may present itself down the line…as we’ve witnessed this island has answers. We just have to find the right questions to ask.” The sawn off been leaned to the nightstand, and he had already been buried in the bed. Easily falling asleep. “That’s right miho, rest chaaa. I will get the wheel sooner or later, cha. You can believe all you want that the one card you hold against me is enough, chaa. But the game has only began and many hands are waiting to be dealt, cha. If you play them right, I may let your family and woman off easily chaaa. Soon, I chaaa…Lo cha.” -Interrupted as the face got buried in the pillow.-

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-Day 6-
“I had him all set up for a martinete, chaaa. Then that motherfucker came back into the ring and snatched my prey away, cha. Managed to one, two me into a reverse martinete chaaa. He had the cojones to tell me in that moment, chaa. That I didn’t deserve to be where I was, cha. The blood and tears I spilled to reach this summit had to end chaa. My heart was too dark to carry the future forward, chaa. In that moment, miho I swore my revenge on El Santo chaa. Not only did he take away my long awaited chance, but he made those lives that I sacrificed meaningless chaaa. The bastard took everything from me miho, chaa. My jaw been shattered to pieces, neck fractured, and spirit broken left laying on the mat for the night chaaaa. It took many years before my revenge even managed to begin, cha…” Lambeau had been buried in his book. Taking down notes. “Do you have a need to repeat this every day? Shit man, you’re a broken record. I swear I just want to pop some sleeping pills so I can have some peace. Smoking a good doob used to ease me down from having to deal with your shit. But it just isn’t enough anymore. I just want to get some studying down. While I am camping out here.” He flips back and fourth through some pages, and writes down a few notes on a notebook. “Miho, your heritage is important chaaa. It’s what led us to this point of our existences, cha. You young bloods have no respect for the ones who’ve walked this world before you, chaaa. Why do you even waste your time with this anyway, chaa? Did you not already steal a man’s heart, implant the same heart into another, and countlessly taken some spare kidneys and parts of livers chaaa? You’ve yet to kill anyone through these means so far, cha. They’re worthless techniques to killing anyone, chaa. What more do you think you can do, cha? You’re not exactly the kind of person to save lives, chaaaaaa” A second before a loud crash was heard, and Lambeau had fallen off the couch onto the coffee table of his living room. He looked around, and laying on the couch behind him was a chancla. He realized that there had been a meeting the day before. Through the emails, it seemed to be something of importance. He forgotten and missed it. “Atleast that shut you up for a minute. Hopefully you’ll rest for awhile. I’ll take this chance to go make some quick bank and get some food…” He grabs his mask, and places it over his face. Slips his coat on, and heads out for a quick stroll.


-Day 11-

Lambeau walked into his house and threw his keys against the wall. They knocked a picture from the wall, and rattled the table below it. “I give you an ounce of freedom and you cause a ruckus. Fuck, you could of killed her. Almost killed us! If I didn’t hear someone say the car was on fire, we could have blown up.” He ripped the mask from his face, and tossed it on the counter of the kitchen. He stood at the sink, and tan the water. Dipped his head into the sink and pulled the spray faucet out to rinse his head. The water washing down ran red. “Miho, miho listen to me, chaa. You went out of your way to look for your friend, cha. Got shot up a good bit, didn’t you chaaa? Then when it quieted down, you wanted to finish looking for a suitable location, cha? I mean it’s great your familia is back, but that doesn’t mean your needs should be on hold chaaa?” Lambeau had already reached the bathroom have had gone through a shower. He sat down in a chair with his bag next to him. “She’s still family…they’re all family. Why would you shoot at any of them intentionally aiming to hurt them? A tire, or a scrape would be nothing. If anything the chance of us actually going out at the time to be brought in at such a chance that Justin actually came back to the city alive is a miracle in itself. Let alone him actually having limbs…we should kick his legs one of these times. See if one is a prosthetic. Still…we can’t be causing unnecessary attention like that among the others. Too much shit has gone down to be drawing extra attention to myself and bringing more burdens to everyone else. My only real current worries are dealing with you, and gettin back to daily living. Shits gotta be hitting the fan. Before we left the barrio, Mira said she was heading back to pillbox…To be by Jesus’ side. So something must’ve happened. Hopefully he’s just getting new or bigger butt implants.” He released the last bullet from his abdomen and set it on the table. “I’m a Hispanic swiss cheese…removing bullets just so I don’t end up making clacking sounds as I move. Only a handful of times have I done this did I discover pieces of my clothes with them. I did mess up my leg that one time. When we were at war with the Aztecas. I think I might have a shattered rib…the bullet was pretty far in. Didn’t find any lingering bone pieces. It might of missed just barely hitting anything. I’ll have to see if I begin to slump. I suppose i’ll sleep a good bit. We will have to go do one of those old jobs. Cause I need more supplies. I need somethings that I can’t just find at the morgue…” He finished the last stitch before wrapping up his chest and cross dressing down to his stomach. “Hmmm…we’re looking like a Mummy now,chaa. Miho, you act as if the gift you asked is but a curse now, chaaa. The nino who cried in that back alley, chaa. Asking to end it all, wanting to feel no more pain cha. Did I not give such a gift, chaaa? Wasn’t it helpful just weeks later, cha? When that idiota Gonzalez finally found you, chaa? The towns people were tired of your influencing the other ninos, stealing, skipping out on school, chaaa? You tried to step up and he ended up beating you down, where you passed out cha? Now it keeps you sane from all the insanity you face, cha.” Lambeau retrieved his mask from the kitchen counter, and began heading to his bedroom. The overall interactions of the day have been long and trialing. He began to realize there was no more holding back this problem. That he’d need to take it a step further in order to make sure no harm could come of himself or anyone else. He plopped into the bed, waving his arms amongst the blanket. He felt for the pillow and dragged it closer, and fell asleep.

-Day 23-

Lambeau was running down a alley. An alarm in the background, with light sirens mixed in. He’d had a couple large bags he was clutching to his hips. He had his old paperbag mask on his head, followed with the all black attire he once wore. “This had better be worth it miho, cha…” Lambeau gave no reply, cause he knew this was the right answer. He jumped up and over a fence. Began jumping down a few flights of stairs. Rolling into traffic, pointing his gun trying to stop a truck. With no luck, he kept running on foot. He ended up in the Vinewood area. Where he would stick out the most. Sirens had gotten louder, and the lights began reflecting off his coat. He jumped up to a ladder, climbing to the top. Took a moment to catch his breath as the locals gathered around below. He tool a few glances around and began dashing forward. He leapt across the rooftop to the neighboring building. Took a few more daredeviling leaps of faith before he couldn’t hear anything but the local traffic. He pressed against the wall and began sliding down to sit. “We won’t know if it’s worth it till I try it out. This is my answer…It should supress you, till I can find a better solution.” Lambeau reaches into the bag and pulls out a pre filled syringe and sets it aside. Then begins cleaning the side of his neck. “You know you will regret this miho, cha. I waited as long as I have, I won’t let a little hurdle like this slow me down chaa. You act as if the family you found is important, but since I rewoken cha. You’ve already given in to me, chaaa. I shaved your head, and you’ve kept the upkeep on it cha. I placed you in a suitable attire, and you followed it chaa. You’ve kept wearing the most suitable of masks, cha. There is no other signs that you’ve already succumbed to follow your rightful path, chaaaa…You will bec…Lob…tos…chaa…You can’t run from it, cha! Cor…lo…” Lambeau pulled the now empty syringe from his neck and tosses it aside. He gives off a faint smile. “I won’t have to “cha” for while now. Let alone ever hear those names again. They’re of the…past…”

-Day 25-

Lambeau is sitting in his house blazin about. He stares into his skull mask. Reminiscing the last of his words. Trying to believe that it was more so a collaboration to work together rather then accepting that faith. He was confused, as he wanted nothing more but to help and have his own freedom. But to also continue such a stupid legacy and ignore what he’s gone through to gain the infamy of his family. To wear anything but yellow almost seems like it’d be disgracing all the work he’s put in to prove his worth. He glanced over to his wolf mask sitting on the shelf. Would it be worth to return to his own identity. It’s always been up in the air, he thought. Only a handful of people have seen his face. Maybe it’s too soon to move on from what’s already been in place. He placed the skull mask over his face. Rubbed his head to smooth out the bands. He released a deep sigh. “The city is ever changing, and so am I. I won’t find the stupid answers if I continue to keep myself locked up. I learn best if I do it myself…” He slapped his face left and right, before giving a few on his chest. Pumping himself up the best he could, as he reached for the front door knob. Exiting the house, and taking a deep breath in. “I’m home, again.”

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The squeaks of the wheels were out of sync, as the tempo was ruined with the nurses shouting back and forth. “He walked in, mentioned a car accident earlier this morning. The officer didn’t buckle him in and crashed into a local. A few hours later someone pointed out that blood was pouring down his neck under his mask. He checked and believed it was coming from his ear. The receptionist said his posture was unstable. We’ll run him through some of the simple test and then set him up with an MRI.” Lambeau was being pushed through the halls and set into a room towards the middle. “Hello, Mr. Wulfe. I just want to run a quick few test. Let’s do a vision, balance, followed by a reflex exam. Depending on the results. We may need to do some further test. Before those we’ll set you up for an MRI run. So let’s begin with the vision.” The doctor points to the wall with a visionary graph. Lambeau reaches his hand out as if he’s trying to grab ahold of something.

Visually he’s seeing a flood of his past parade before him. The moments that he cherished from his childhood, bleeding into moments of dispair. The first time he discovered him, the truth of his Father’s passing. The time kept leaping forward with every experience fading away. A familiar voice laughing in the background. “Mr. Wulf, are you ok? We’re going to need you to get prepared in this gown. An MRI seems like the better option at this time.” Lambeau reaches for the gown, but it’s the opposite direction. The doctor takes notice and calls for some assistance. A nurse comes in and they begin to help him undress to his underwear. Lambeau begins to sway back into a corner as they try and take his wolf mask off. “Not the…mask, please.” The nurse looks to the doctor, and they nod in agreement. “It’s fine till we get you on the machine, but you will have to also remove those handcuffs. It can disturb the machine even though we’re aiming for a scan of your head. It would be in the best intention to make sure you don’t have any further damage through a FBS.”

Lambeau slips his hands under his armpits. Shaking his head in disagreement. “The mask is…one thing. The cuffs is another…They’re important. Too important…” His head slowly bobs down, like he was dosing off. Memories of the night had began to play before him. He was seeing himself pointing a gun at a beaten older man in a sherrif suit. Lambeau had splotches of blood all over himself. “This is where it all ends, cha. The miho will forever be free once he pulls this trigger…chaa.” Lambeau’s vision changed to that single moment. Where his finger was too heavy to stop. The pressure of the release into his hand. His eyes began focusing on the old mans lips. “I will always…” the gun goes off. He begins screaming and slamming his head against the wall. “FUCK, FUCK, GDI! YOU ASSHOLE!” The doctor and nurse send for security, a couple of guards rush in.

They begin to secure Lambeau over the table. The doctor directs them to remove the handcuffs. Lambeau begins to flail a bit, and the doctor moves in to assist. One of the guards begins to toggle the handcuffs around. He removes one, followed by the other. Lambeau manages to struggle his arm off from the doctor landing his fist into the nurse. She screams out, and the guard looks to retaliate. The doctor gets in the way to stop them. Lambeau begins to calm down. “It seems like you’ve finally slipped up Miho, cha. You finally followed my steps I laid out. You left your family, practically destroying them. It’s as if you’re unable to have anything nice.” He begins to chuckle, as they meet face to face. “You been busy…You’ve been taking up some of the free space in here. Your hard work won’t go to waste. I’m sure Lupin over there will do just fine. I know i’ll do fine. As you mentioned before, I shouldn’t live in my past…a joke, but very little “cha” from now on. I must keep myself up as you for awhile. We’ve got others in this place looking to be free, and now we shall be…chaaa. You will be taking a nice long rest. Maybe one day we’ll let you get a window seat. Till then…rest miho, you deserve it.”

The doctor and another nurse have already began the transport to the MRI room. The wheels this time around played no melody, it was just the normal sounds of a busy hospital. They enter the room, and begin to move Lambeau over to the MRI table. “Doctor, we need to move his wolf mask still. Should we call for the guards?” The doctor looks towards the door and holds his hand up, halting their entrance. “It’s fine. He’s calmed down and vitals have been improving since he first came in. This shouldn’t take too long. I’ll handle this.” The doctor reaches for the mask, and begins to gently lift it up. He looks to the nurse and signals for scissors with his hands. She rushes off and returns quickly with a pair of scissors. The doctor begins to cut the side of the mask from the neck up. As he begins slipping it off. Lambeau grabs the doctor’s wrist. His other hand goes for the mask himself. He begins to sit up on the table.

“You dare to disgrace a luchadore while he is sleeping? If today wasn’t such a grand day, you’d be facing the ground doctor.” He releases his wrist, and begins to pull off the mask. While lifting his gown over his head. He begins to wrap his face up. “I appreciate your help today doctor. I’m feeling much better. I’ll just check myself out. Gracias, and adios.” Lambeau begins to leave the room. The guards stare towards the doctor. The doctor shrugs it off. The guards step away from the door as Lambeau walks through. “This is the smart way mi amigos.” Lambeau walks through the hall in his boxers, and a gown covering his face. Down in his right hand is the cut up wolf mask. The other occupants of the hospital seem to startle at his awkward sight. He reaches the receptionist and walks up to the check in book. Ripping out the page where Lambeau’s name had been written. “Sorry, but one of those signatures is invalid now. Have a good day, Hermosa.”

He walks out the doors and to his tropos. He tosses the wolf mask to the passenger seat. Starts the car up and heads over to the nearest clothing store. He gets dressed, and slips on the sugar skull mask. “Finally, as complete as I can be.” Lambeau heads out the store and gets back into the car. He heads out down to the Eastside. He pulls into the barrio and parks in the center. “It smells like death and defeat all around here. It’s time to cleanse this place one more time.” He pops open the trunk, and pulls out a few molotovs. Lambeau begins to toss them around the barrio. Setting it a blaze, for the upteenth time. As the flames begin to rise, and the screams of the local Vagos rage gets louder. He returns to the car, and reaches for the wolf mask in the passenger’s seat. He holds it up and begins to shake his head. “Such a poor gimmick miho, you let that fake name define you.” Lambeau walks towards the sea of flames within the center of the barrio. “This…is where it all ends. We say goodbye to the era of the wulfe, and welcome to the era of Lobeau. Los Santos, welcome me…Chaa…Cordero Lobeau to my new future.”

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