Kitty - Decisions

Decisions, have to be made

Kitty woke up in the old faithful hotel she stayed at when she first arrived in the city. The Pink Cage on Hawick Ave.

Yeah, it was a shitty dump but it was a place for her to come and go as she pleased, provided a dry and warm place for her to come home to after a day of crime. Whoever said that crime wasn’t hard work, were kidding themselves.

She had been struggling big time since finding out Kay was a cop. She found herself being pulled two ways, and it took a huge toll on her, mentally.

Part of her wanted to kill him for hurting her, she didn’t know if his feelings for her were part of his undercover job to get close to the Azteca’s or if they were legit. Either way he hurt her by hiding this secret.

The other part of her still loved him. They had a connection that she never thought was possible with anyone. He was the one who was there for her after the whole ordeal with Nugget.

But this was the second time she was hurt by someone she let herself get close too.

Yeah Nugget was back, but she didn’t know where that was going. It seemed like he was getting some of his memories back and it warmed her that it was memories of her that came back first.

But still, she needed to clear her head. She needed to get out of town for a bit and find herself. And it was something she had to do alone, like the cat she is.

After she sent a few texts, one to Cam, one to Eddy, she shoved some things in her bag, like clothes and shoes. Stuff she was going to need.

Locking the door behind her, she put her bag in the back seat of her Schafter and drove north.

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