Joel Hauser - Lord of The Void

Hauser sat by the beach watching the waves and taking a sip from the 7th mojito of the morning. Every so often seeing the FIB helicopters or the USAF jets passing by, but still able to take in the peace of the ocean. He looked around as families still gathered, kids playing in the water, building sand castles, listening to music. Life…normal everyday life…all around, but he knew it was a fleeting moment. Forces bent on the destruction or enslavement of this realm always at the doorstep.

Agent Evans had played his hand well. Hydra had to of spent years working their way into the US Gov’t. Which led to the question…How far did their influence go? Hauser was sure the answer wasn’t all the way to the top yet. the way Evans had spoken about the “evil” Supes had done. It was nothing but trumped up charges against them. No wonder the US would think they are extremely dangerous. Hauser had clashed with Hydra many times in the past…they had always been beaten before, but some where they got smart.

He took another sip. He had to try and figure out how to get Odessa free. her being charged with all this and imprisoned wasn’t good for her mental state. He knew she was on the edge and was so afraid of how she would be handling this…he was afraid this was going to end her forever. he couldn’t let that happen. Maria was gone…which meant she must of gotten his message. Shed prolly go to Oblivion…try to rally support or learn what she could do. He wished Lyla would have listened to his Text telling her to leave city hall as things started to pop off, but what did he expect. He had seen over the past week how no one listened.

Hauser tried to tell people to stay in the shadows. not be in public, realize the US had satellites, drones, ISR everywhere. To not meet in giant open areas with no cover, to not be toting heavy weapons 24/7. that the best way to gain the upper hand was to allow Evans to feel like he had control. To have to Govt loosen the grip and feel like every thing was under control. Instead he kept seeing reports of open insurrection against govt forces. Which how any one thought that wouldn’t lead to the military being deployed and things being 1000 times worse blew his mind. A lot of them…almost all…including his wife…now became a liability and if they wouldn’t listen, he wasn’t going to sit by and watch them get themselves killed or thrown in stasis…or tortured…he decided for now it best to work his angles alone…he would do what needed to be done to once again save them all. it would take time, but that is what needed to happen…Play the long game.

He relaxed in the chair and said “Lets talk Bek…”


A voice… sublime, from the darkness came.

"Ho ho ho ho… Haussaahhhhhhh"


Plans were in motion. His team coming together. Hauser free of his collar was working to undo what the govt had started. The info he was getting was intriguing. What had they found that scared them so much as to start an interdimensional war basically? Gor now he knew Odessa had been moved to the iris. Kain was there…lyla…his love…his…wife…taken again. He assumed shed be taken there aswell. Hed find her. He knew that much.

He had a bit to wait as the data was decrypted. But the good news as he kept telling himself was that the iris was in the void…his void…the source of his power. He would assault the complex with the wraith of his power and do every thing he could to free tepes, odessa, and hopefully his wife, to the point he would sacrifice himself if it ment they were free. He hoped Evans and his superiors were afraid he was loose, cause he knew they damn well should be…


Outside of vancover canada, summer 1973.

Hauser stared at the 6 kilos of cocaine from the deal along with the bag containing a few bottles of real maple syrup for his pancakes back on base. The radio next to him crackled to life “eagle this is kingfish…rommel cannot make the pass…i say again rommel cannot make the pass…unknown ETA. Please advise”. He groaned as he answered “eagle copies…Romeo Tango Bravo…eagle will follow backup out”. He set down the radio back in the pack. “How in the fuck do i get you from here…to there” looking across the river to the US side of the boarder. His bag had room for 4 keys but the other two…he thought for a minute as the sound of a branch breaking caught his attention. A moose stood there eating from the tree. Hauser then had a thought…taking a bottle of syrup and the two keys he approached the moose. “Hey buddy…imma need your help for a bit…i uhh would use tape but…i didnt bring any and im running out of time so this uhh…yeaaaaahhh itll be fiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeee.” He was able to get to the moose and gave it some pats. He took the syrup and poured it on the two kilos then gritting his teeth shoved em inside the mooses ass. The moose let out a scream as it started to run with his hand still stuck being dragged behind “oh fuck!!!” Sirens blared as mounties showed up. Hausers hand finally broke free of the mooses rear as he tumbled to the ground and quickly getting back on his feet and making a break for the water. As he crossed he could her screams and crashing noises coming from the cops direction. Once accross he looked back seeing the moose bashing into police cars like a bull gone mad. “Oh no…did the kilos break??” The moose started to freak out even more going absolutely ape shit and then reared back screaming and suddenly went quiet as it fell on top of a police car. “Oh my god…im in so much trouble…” he said as the cops looks back his way. Hauser waved and took off into the US.


Hauser steps thru the portal and under a tree looking out over the city as he waits for the cell phone to connect and recieve any incoming messages. How did this all happen? In all honesty how did the US even get kain? They believed they were in an interdimensional war? What had they found? He started to think on what grant had said. Could it be the russians? He hated them and was so quick to latch on to the thought it was them, but…could it be? What was he missing?

Interdimensional war, taking kain, the iris, so much oblivion tech, some how subverting the entire US government, then the idea hit him. “That makes sense…its damn near the only thing that makes sense…” he gave the phone 5 minutes to take in anything and opened a portal back and stepped thru. If he was right…this was bad…real real fucking bad and they already threw the first punch months ago…


Joel looked over the messages and slowly slid the phone back in his pocked as he finally had a minute to process everything. He gritted his teeth as a rush of emotions carried over him. Lyla was working with them now…she was different…she tried to get him captured again. Yes he had to sacrifice some people in order to find out for certain, but deep down he thought… he hoped…it wasnt going to happen.

Everything was falling apart so fast. What he thought was a victory for them at first tonight turned into a trap. He had taken his wife…changed her…taken Odessa who had already been thru this once and it broke her but now a second time…jimantha gone but linda still fighting…people being collared by the dozens…he was losing ground fast. Tonight though…tonight was a terrible blow to him.

Lyla had always been a fighter. She fought for so long and so hard to free herself from her makers. To no longer be their tool. Tonight he saw her being someones tool again. He hoped shes just being brainwashed like hannah said. But if not… How could he ever trust her again after this? She did nothing to warn him, or try to convince him…she was setting him up to be taken by FIB.

In that moment he felt his heart grow heavy and break. Flashes of their life together flooding his mind as the last one was him walking away at the dock. The last time he saw lyla as lyla. Sadness, heart ache, pain, loss, hopelessness, but above all fear ripped thru his body.

He screamed at the top of his lungs as he gripped the tree next to him and ripped it from the ground as he proceeded to use it like a sledge hammer and bash the car he drove there in. Beating it over and over as he tried to let all those emotions out of his system.

After a few minutes he dropped the tree and fell to his knees crying as tears rolled down his face. "What do i do now? …what can i do?..i dont know what to do…i dont know…i don’t know … I don’t know… ". The light inside of him fading and darkness and uncertainty crept in.

Hauser stayed there a while longer before slowly climbing to his feet and opening a portal back to maria and stepping thru.


Boris…the god damn king commie himself…was wanting to kill aluc…well and like any one who “had a hand” in Natasha’s sacrifice with the godfall or death as he called it. “Are you with me or against me Hauser? I wont kill Maria if you are.” Boris had said. “No no no and lyla too. Both of them and ok…” joel replied. Of course Boris would keep the threat of killing lyla over his head. He wasnt stupid. He would know that she would be the main thing that would hold the most leverage.

Joel had agreed to assist. He just needed to play it smart and hope it didnt turn out to be like Bratislava back in 57.


Most recent video file on Joel Hausers data pad, located in the drawer next to his favorite chair looking out lyla and his bedrooms slider.

Video shows hauser sitting with a glass of rum in the chair as he looks out the window. His hair looked damp and his beard freshly trimmed as if he just got done from a shower. He watches the sun a bit before taking a drink and then smiling.

“Why do we do it? Its a question that rings so many times now a days. For years…decades…my reason was to make up for all those horrors i was complicit in…all those people lost…for what? Some psychos delusions of grandeur? Took us far to long to realize it was all lies. But the ideas…the thought of doing what you could for the benefit of the entire nation…world…humanity…those ideals…those were not wrong. For the longest time I tried to repay my sins in service to the US. A place that allowed people to be whoever they wanted…be free…yea it took us a while to get to a state where people were people…hell it wasn’t until we started SIU did i feel we really got it right. Make a place where any one was free to be who they were. To not live in hiding…yea there were speed bumps…there always is…but the end goal is just and worth striving for…fighting for…” he looks back and smiles picking up the pad and turning the camera to a sleeping lyla. " that woman…right there…makes it all worth it. Some one who was hunted…never able to feel free or safe…came here…and had her whole life changed for " he turns the pad back to him " id hope the better" he chuckles a bit “i have my flaws…my sins…i know…but she…she makes me wanna be better than i am…she doesn’t let me give up…she sees thru all my darkness and terrible choices to the true me…who i want to be…and makes me feel a love that i never could have imagined. Id give it all up for her…for maria…odessa…jim…morelli…because they saw the best in me…” he takes a sip " i dont know how this all will end…i just hope when everything is all said and done…they all get to live happy…" he picks up the pad. "Tits from Jakarta…nothing can go wrong…that you are. I love ya! " video ends


The Citadel of The Lord of The Void was now back in the hands of Hauser. He sat on his throne when a voice spoke with great power. “Its time.” Hauser stood and adjusted his suit as he manipulated the void with ease and disappeared in a rush of void energy, emerging in FIB as he looked around at the room and its occupants knocked back onto the floor.

The Lord of The Void has returned.


Parts of Liberty City burned…FIB…IAA…LC Joint Operations Military Base in ruins…the Iris was unreachable by Hauser…Kain taken…Odessa MIA…Aluc MIA…the death toll at 50,000 and rising…this was a major…MAJOR blow to friendly forces…they sat on the possibility of a total loss…

Hauser sat in his cruiser staring at the Bario. Medivh had just made it open warfare with that attack. “Hauser you do what you have to do.” .

The Void Lord had just been unchained…



Hauser woke up after another broken few hours of sleep. The stress level he was enough to have a small country commit sequisha…he stared in the mirror at his reflection. Things used to be so much easier the last time he was in “service” to the US. During those times there were no rules, nothing to hold him back, morality wasnt on the table. It was just “This is your target, make it go away.”, but now…as he started to button up his uniform…it was all bigger than him…whats the point of winning a war if you lose your morality…your honor…your integrity…throw away the reasons that make you the good guy just to win?? Some thing Odessa had in basic terms said. Using better words of course, but the meaning was there.

Boris had broken him the other day…he snapped…damn near stooped to his level…and for what? To kill a father who in all honesty was just grieving and lashing out in the only way he knew how. Wouldn’t the best way to honor Natasha’s sacrifice be to bring her own father to the light? Hauser had spent years…years fighting that man back and forth, but to be honest…they were very similar. Both doing a job no one else wanted or could do…for a team they believed in.

Hauser finished up and took a look at a sleeping Lyla before leaving the room. “Nothing can go wrong right?”. He then turned and walked out the door and off into the breach once more.


As he reluctantly gets ready for duty, a sound…movement?..something goes by his head…his reflexes causing him to turn, acquire the possible threat…granted much slower without his powers…“Whose there!”…still seeing nothing…whispers start to fill his ears…but he cant make out the words…“Hello?..SHOW YOURSELF?..Bek if thats you I swear to everything i will end you!”…a sound from next to him as he instinctively strikes punching the wall…the voice growing slightly louder…“ANSWER ME!!!”…his mind swirling with a mix of emotions…god how he wished the collar was off of him…he felt weak…defenseless…but he tried to stand his ground…letting the centuries of training try and guide him…the voice growing more in his head…‘a…aafrrraaaiiiidd…yyyou…aaarreee…t…the…m…ighty…lord…of…the…void…reduced…to…nooottthhhiiinnnggg…’ the voice getting clearer and clearer as his mind struggled to control itself…the stress…pain…suffering…truly taking its toll with out his powers to quell it…’…you…dont realize your true potential Lord hauser…you are a force to be reckoned with…you control the void…the void which surrounds everything…yet here you stand…weak…afraid…cowering like a dog…the worlds should tremble at your feet…bow to your presence…not laugh at you…every ones laughing Lord Hauser…you are a failure…undeserving of your station and this gift…BUT…that can change…you have the power…to make them fear…respect…admire…worship…envy…YOU…the Great Lord of The Void…take it all back Lord Hauser…I will guide you…together…we will…endure…and carve out your place in history…’ Hauser relaxed a bit…“yes…i…should…i control the void…i control the power…theyll see…all of them…will see…where do we begin?”


Hauser makes his way into the hotel suit and makes a mojito before propping up in bed and turning on GATE. As he sings a terrible rendition of the theme song and posts on twitter about that bitch Carol Baskin.


IAA/SIU command room

Hauser sits near a station looking thru twitter chuckling as people openly incriminate themselves. He takes a drink of his coffee and sends a few texts when hes caught off guard by Alistairs voice thru the speakers.

“Error: Unable to establish communication with Iris!”

He looks at the display as Alistair starts attempting to diagnose the problem. The AI poured thru tons of data as the screen was flooded with diagnostic read outs.

One of the support personnel speaks up from his station.

“Sir we have a power draw thru the collar network! Drain is minimal but its accessed the entire system. But theres no read on where the powers going to…theres another draw!”

Hauser focused the energy he had regained after the events on the ark and attempted to connect with the Iris thru the void…nothing…he tried again…focusing more energy as the room filled with a purple glow emanating from him…he gasped for a second as he caught his breath…still nothing.

The final days on Cyndara had drained him big time. Last time he was this drained was when he fought luca on oblivion in the past…at least now he would regain his energy quicker since he had a few hundred years of training instead of then when he was still learning to control it. He had taken his leave of absence and practically slept the entire time to recover.

“Alistair take us to ThreatCon Black…”

The systems instantly responded as alarms blared and external communication was cut. Security teams began to move to their points thru the building and the blast doors sealing shut.

“Sir all levels report secure, security teams have taken up their assigned points…internal and external defensive systems active and scanning…we show green on all power generators…stasis sections are green…artifact containment…green…portal gate room reports shield in place and secure… the facility is now locked down.” A station tech said looking over to him.

Hauser nodded as he leaned on his hands at the table…the purple in his eyes swirling slowly before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and begin drawing in void energy…

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