Joel Hauser: Disassembled. A Special Report


This is an urgent CNN UPDATE Niko Cavallo was on scene earlier today where Joel Hauser “Lord of the Void” has admitted to bringing NECROVOL back from the dead… That’s right the same Necroval who tormented our fine city in the past. Joel has apparently brought him back and is now working with him for reasons unknown. FURTHERMORE when joel was asked who he would like to be spared in exchange for his life he responded very surprisingly with the names Vespir, County, and Thompson. SURPRISINGLY when asked about Odessa Rider, or Lyla he didn’t choose to add them to the list, or express regret when Boris informed him he would be killing them. Though the FIRST name out of his mouth was of course, Maria Belluci, who declined his protection… here is a short clip from earlier today we warn you it is quite graphic at the end. a clip plays showing exactly what was described in the report.