Is this what my taxes pay for?

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Character/Items/Clothes
  • Crime
  • Economic Structure
  • General
  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

Cops like Lynch, just smoke weed all day. They need stuff to do on the off season, when crims are lazy assholes. So why not set up heist as a bilingual option. If a certain amount of crime hasn’t happened within an hour, they can go to a heist to react to a call. They do the same amount of time and such to gain some knowledge. They could also have other mission options, like going to PD to sort through evidence. Maybe they go to the evidence locker. Open it, and like a trunk it has stuff inside scrambled around. You want to match the red items to red squares, blue items to blue squares, and green items to green squares. Then maybe they go to the front desk to interact with dispatch, and are given 3 code responses, where they need to give the proper code as the answer for each. This would help some training towards that. Maybe have easy, medium, hard. So the knowledge is better as you go up. They can have random reported calls throughout the city, maybe use the drug call locations. To have different scenarios they need to attend to. I think some of these could backpack on our current activities. That would help out the police see some action aside from the donuts parking lot. Help them actually get knowledge when the city is on redacted mode.

Parting Thoughts:
Lynch is a stoner, and smokes all day. This stuff will help him and the others make our taxes worth paying. I think they’re pretty simple ideas, that hopefully can easily be backpacked. To help them get some knowledge when nothing is happening. Making it an even playing field for them aswell to the rest of us when it comes to having things to do other then just patrolling. Cause although it should be added, that doesn’t help the immersion of being a police officer. Some people want action or stuff to do. I seen others suggest using the Davis interaction too, except with gang members. I think all these are best as optional scenarios they can go check out while on duty if they want to. Obviously they would, because sometimes knowledge just isn’t obtainable without their counterpart the criminals.

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