-insert calculation meme- Should the numbers be bigger or smaller then before?

Date of Bug:
Estimated Time of Bug:
Can you reproduce the Bug: Y/N
Explain the Bug: I don’t think this has a right place anywhere. But I wanted to atleast see if it was a potential mistake. Since I hit 25, the only job that doesn’t seem to scale well is taxi. Everything else kind of hits the same or a little bit more. Taxi though even with a booster, is almost always 50/70 to a possible 130. When before I feel like it was more 58-78. I don’t know if it’s just the numbers messing with me. Because I feel like the overall score has been rising pretty quickly. I’ve only noticed on taxi this difference the most.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: Numbers are throwing me off hardcore from then to now. I thought it would scale up more since the difference in level. But I also feel like the overall score is still rising pretty fast. Basically I’m a dumb, and numbers are trying to fight me.