I'm just a shitty dealer

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I’m just the entry lvl drug dealing. For the schwag life. I feel like it should also come with the oppertunity to process the schwag. It’s the lowest of drugs, so it would more and likely just be crumbling flower and seeds to begin with. The starting skill is 6 skill points in, and I think if you go with the weed connection skill for normie. Then you should then also learn to process it there after another lvl in or something. Production of it should still have a connection, but only if you want the weed house and actually growing it. Then from there it can maybe give you more processed, and so on. So it still has benefits and meaning with the weed side.

Parting Thoughts:
I just don’t want to spend 6 points to process schwag, when it’s shit weed. If I’m just a scrub selling it to sell. I should be dumb enough with the basic knowledge to realize if I just touch it. It’ll crumble, and i’ll have more for my baggies. XD If I was to step it up for normie, and primo. Then I should need to know more stuff. Cause there is more to those. Primo life would mean you know how to set up the lights, hydro, fertalizer, and managing females from males. So you’re getting the best shit possible. Even with normie, you should need the production skill. So you atleast know you’ll need a lamp, pots, and fertalizer. Schwag, i’m stealing and it’s probably just some random stuff that still has some bugs in it and not even being watered enough. TL:RD I just don’t want to waste 6 skill points to process schwag. It should be a basic skill within the drug dealing, as the lowest tier drug we have. I think it’d even help newer people too to not have to waste their early points on a skill they may not even go further in down the road.

Don’t pay attention to my issues. Cause everything I knew was a LIE!