I like to window shop, and I miss it

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I looked through to make sure. Only one similar doesn’t really relate. But could we get the option to look at the cars in PDM like before? But instead of straight purchasing, it let’s us know as a buyer what the shop has currently in stock. I don’t mind when I can to talk with a rep. But I’d like to also physically see the car. This would also just help when no one is awake to sell. It’d be nice if we were interested, we pull the car ID or something. Leave our name/number with it. So the next rep could get back to us. That or maybe we make a deposit, which we’ll lose at a certain point if we don’t go through with the purchase. Minimum like 10k max 50k. That way it can go to PDM, and help them out still for the trouble. But doing this, the car is set aside for a short amount of time. So you can have a chance to pick it up. Maybe we can even put in for custom orders, incase the car is rare af to show up. Once it does come through it can be pulled aside for us. This is one of the jobs that kind of locks new people out of getting a car, and anyone else from getting their ideal vehicle. So this could potentially help counter the times when reps just aren’t available.

Parting Thoughts:
I want to know what i’m buying before I buy. XD When I can reach someone from PDM, I never know what car they’re talking about when they mention the list for the day. Let alone in most days unable to find a rep to ask. I’m in search for a couple cars, but they’re never available. So this might help with that, while also still giving some revenue to PDM. Keeping the chance for new people to get a starter car when reps aren’t available. Mainly i’d also like to window shop. XD Cause now a days, chances are slim for any options.