I keep breaking nodes

Date of Bug: 8/17
Estimated Time of Bug: 8PM Pacific
Can you reproduce the Bug: Unsure. It’s happened twice since i’ve been in the city
Explain the Bug: I’m not moving at all. I’m just waiting for the animation to finish. And then when it does, i’m not getting anything. I go for it again, and it lets me know i’m still mining the node. It’s happened twice to me in the past half hour.

Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug: Just mining, get nothing after animation stops. I hit 11ish nodes before the 12th broke. Disconnected and began again. Uh maybe roughly the same again. I’m gonna try and keep track incase. I been mining everyday, and haven’t had this till today. (Edit: Yea, it’s happening about every 12…)