I heard they got that good good in commissary, so I need work

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Character/Items/Clothes
  • Crime
  • Economic Structure
  • General
  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

So the idea of license plates is about. Why don’t we make it so when you go to prison, you make license plates for a wee bit of knowledge maybe, just maybe pay. Like 1-5 dollars though. XD This would help build up the requests of plates. Give people something more to do while in prison. Maybe they have a chance of keeping 1-3 plates when they leave. This could add a system of delivery too, like if people don’t go to prison. Your plate will be delayed, because no one has made it yet. It’d also help the flow of people feeling like prison isn’t so bad, that they have a task to fufill with some personal gain which would be the knowledge. Plus people not going to prison would be getting thier license plate request made. Might be able to also sink some materials into it. Either the people making the request must provide the materials, optional pay more to cover it, prisoners trying to smuggle some out may need to provide their own mats. This could also make overall more responsibility for people on either side.

Parting Thoughts:
In some actual states, they have the prisoners make plates on a daily. Seems like the main needs is Aluminum. I figured this overall idea would help create more atmosphere to the prison life. I think most times it’s a time to do ooc things. I know we can work out and such, but this could also give some more life to a potential idea about. The overall knowledge wouldn’t have to be insane, but give them a bit of something for thier service. The pay and knowledge shouldn’t seem like a reward or something they’re seeking. But enough to have some meaning in doing the tasks while in prison along with the chance to smuggle some out. This could also set up future ideas towards involving cooking inside.