Hotel/Apartment Owner


  • Housing
  • Job/Hobby


I feel as if a player owned hotel could provide a lot of RP and quality of life to the server. If each “Room” rented had different tiers which allowed a bit more upgrades to each tier, Such as possibly eventually being able to purchase an instanced interior. Give players a closet, and a small inventory box to be able to stash items into. These items would be deleted upon terminating their rental agreement since the box would disappear. The hotel owner would not be able to immediately cancel out agreements (possibly a 7 day cool down upon eviction? or allow the rooms available to be unlimited) however the renter could.

This would allow a lot of players the chance to have a secondary hidden stash house, and also give new players the ability to have somewhere to change clothing quickly and access a deposit box type thing instead of hiding everything inside vehicles.

The stable income would come from the weekly rental fee that could be automatically set up to go directly into the business, as the renting player would just need to Pay their fee at the front desk every week. And you could have the renting player also miss payments which would acquire a debt and give them a grace period of one or two missed payments. Additionally the hotel could hire staff which would essentially work as Concierge’s, So they could be contacted by Guests to do a basic list of tasks sort of like mercenary work but with less illegal activities in mind. This could be automated to eliminate abuse by having an option at the hotel to “Hire Concierge” and assign a basic list of tasks such as “Acquire 10 Iron Ore” where the hotel guest could set what Tip percentage they’d like overtop of a base work rate (Set by the hotel owner). The Concierge’s could then accept that task and complete it by adding 10 Iron ore into the hotel via a Menu. The ore would then be transferred to the guests deposit box.

Parting Thoughts:
It’s a complex idea, But I feel like if given the right love from the community could very well give lots of new opportunities for players to interact with each other and create bonds with one another that would have potentially not been made before. It also allows for a new unofficial central hub where players could feel welcome to loiter around and hopefully meet others.