Guillermo - Unglued

Shattering glass as the table flips across the room, bottles spill around breaking as they crash into the basement walls. “How could he abandon familia!? My own blood?!” His hands wrap tightly on the edges of the coffee table. His mind racing for a moment before he fire in his eyes ignite as he whips the table across the room “Fuck the light!” He screams. He staggers grabbing a hold of one of the chairs smashing it on the ground as he continues to scream " Fuck Danny!" His whole body shaking full of rage screaming at the top of his lungs. The hour passes as he sunders and destroys most of the furniture in his basement bunker.

The sweat drips from his body as he stands out of breath the rage seemingly radiating from his body as steam spills off of him. “I will find a way to smoother the light out of that cabron.” Darkness fills his heart as he remembers of the diety Aluc. He begins to pray for guidance calling to Aluc, " I want to smother their light with darkness."


The basement filled with a haze, but this time something was different. Metallic and the smell of sulfur hangs in the air as the man toils over the workbench. He smokes as he leans over a magnifying working lens. Soldering places on a circuit board. Sitting up he wrings his hands together before stretching, tired, and sore the stands up for a moment. “This should work.” he mutters to himself, as he glances over the drawings once more.

The man pale as ever looks over his shopping list only a few more pieces to go. Nearly falling a sleep for a moment before waking himself up and continues to toil away.

The book snaps shut in hands as dust billows out from the pages. He had been deep in study after getting guidance through prayer and meditation he was finally able to interpret how the spell had worked. He got his package from the home boy at the joint who pulled through during Justin’s medical at he the prison. He mixed the bits of hair and blood into the concoction shaking the bottle around muttering a few words watching the bottles contents shimmer for a moment then goes to set it down. He steps into the living area finishing laying some salt for the last portion of the symbol on the floor. He motions to Diddy to move a little bit further back. Picking up the bottle he steps into the center of the symbol. Focusing his mind and energy he begins to dance stamping his feet about. His eyes shimmer in the candle lit room as he bellows out the words as he remembers them. He throws the bottle down as it breaks a cloud envelops him and he takes a deep deep breathe. Holding it in as long as he could before he begins to hack and cough falling to the ground.

He wakes up looking at his hands all his tattoos were different. The blonde hair in his face partially blocking his face. Almost certain it works he steps into the mirror to check it out, he looked just like him, twisting around looking over himself. “All I gotta do now is just find some stupid clothes and the transformation is complete.” He dresses up in all black before he leaves the basement bunker, steals a car from one of the nearby parking lot, and drives off to Justin’s house. He parks it up at a nearby condo and begins to walking towards Justin’s house. He manages to sneak into the yard and picks the lock to the back door. He hears some rustling near the back he quickly whistles the ‘in the jungle’ song just in case. He continues to quietly walk up into Justin’s bedroom taking one of the outfits set up with a mask. As he walks out of the room he walks down the stairs calling to the valet. “Pass me the Jugular keys mang.” Sounds like something he’d totally say he thought. The valet pulls it up tossing him the keys, too easy he thought to himself. He sat in the drivers seat firing the engine up and driving off through the gates.

He pulls into his little hidden garage near the casa shutting the engine off and popping the hood latch. Opening the tool box with the false bottom he pulls out his little bomb he had been working on. Pulling up the hood he began to wire it like he had watched Justin do a 100 times before putting in the radio. Wiring up the other part to battery he sees the little red light turn on the little bomb. Now the scary part as he slams the hood back down. He slides backs into the drivers seat making sure the stereo is off. He slides the keys in the ignition before slowing turning it on. The engine stammers a moment but turns on. Says a quick moment of praise to the gods for having not blown himself up before he peels out of the garage before heading back towards Justin’s house.

He arrives in good time only an hour had pasted hopefully no one noticed the car missing. He pulls it into the driveway tossing the keys to the valet. He walks inside putting the clothes back how they were hanging and as he lifts up his arm to put the clothes back up where they were hanging he notices his tattoos starting to shift changing slowly. He slides the window open and quickly scales down the back side of the house. He shimmies over the wall before walking to the parked car near the condo. The flips open the remote ensuring it’s connected properly as he watches the light blink green and tucks it back in his pocket. Zipping away… now just to wait.

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