Got one of them dates, and need to change on the fly

What category would this suggestion fall under?

  • Character/Items/Clothes
  • Crime
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  • Housing
  • Job/Hobby

Explain in detail how this new feature would enhance RP and/or a Game Mechanic:

With our closets. Could we have one set be connected to our personal vehicles? You just have a spare set of clothes, mask setup in your trunk. For those times of needing to change on the fly. Maybe make it have a cool down of 1 week to change the specific slot. So people don’t continuously change the outfit out after each crime. I think it’d be good for other situations too. I know cops have access at the station to change into their uniform. But let’s say a citizen or crim is doing legal work. Then they also do some illegal stuff. They can go back and fourth between jobs. I get that the point of the closet is for this, but it gives a small shortcut to have to run to your house and then back to whatever activity. I’d think for some jobs people would have a set of clothes incase they needed to change after or before. You could even pop in a fee, so that week exchange. Your actually going to the clothes store/cleaners to get another set or cleaning them.

Parting Thoughts:
I’m lazy to go to my house to change into a set of clothes for a future potential idea. And thought it’d be nice to have that set of clothes within my vehicle trunks. So I can change, and manage rather then drive all the way back and forth to my house or to a store to change. Even having the option to have some shops save the closet stuff would be slightly helpful. Was just a slim idea that some people keep sets of clothes for certain situations, and wanted to toss it into the pot.

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